CoinEx Review: Advanced Trading Features, But No Compulsory KYC

CoinEx is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform with numerous features that make it an attractive option for crypto traders. It provides access to spot and perpetual markets, as well as margin trading, all at low fees and with excellent security measures in place. 

Moreover, the exchange offers privacy-centric access to a wide array of stablecoins, allowing users to trade without having to undergo any form of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This makes CoinEx popular among those looking for anonymity while engaging in cryptocurrency trading activities. With its strong reputation within the industry and user-friendly interface, CoinEx offers one of the best experiences when it comes to digital asset trading.

General info:

  • Web address: CoinEx
  • Support contact: Link
  • Main location: Hong Kong
  • Daily volume: 1632.6 BTC
  • Mobile app available: Ye
  • Parent Company: ViaBTC
  • Fees: Very Low (Compare rates)

Is Coinex Good For Beginners?

CoinEx Review

Coinex is a great choice for those who are looking to enter the world of trading. The platform makes it incredibly simple and easy to open an account, which can be done in just a few clicks. And with the range of tutorials on offer, newcomers will be able to learn everything they need to know about deposits, withdrawals and earning a stable income through Coinex. Those lessons are specifically designed to help beginners get up to speed quickly, no matter their current level of knowledge or experience.

The tutorials offered by Coinex have been formulated to assist traders in developing their skill sets, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to make informed decisions when trading. Through these lectures, users can gain an understanding of financial markets and strategies for optimising earnings over time. Additionally, customers can also find out what types of risks they should take into account when investing in different assets and how to manage them effectively. In short, with the right guidance and knowledge from Coinex's tutorials, anyone can become an expert trader in no time at all.

Coinex doesn't just provide video tutorials; there are also interactive quizzes available so that users can test their knowledge as they go along. This allows traders to keep track of their progress while learning at their own pace. Furthermore, Coinex also offers comprehensive customer support that ensures its users stay updated on the latest changes and updates within the platform as well as providing assistance if any issues arise during trading sessions. All this combined makes Coinex a great starting point for new traders who want to become successful in trading without spending too much time or effort trying to figure things out themselves.

Coinex Security Rules

CoinEx Review

ID Verification

Coinex is a highly secure trading platform, enforcing some of the most stringent security measures on its users. One of the primary rules followed by Coinex is ID verification. Before any user can open an account with Coinex, they must provide a valid government-issued ID that includes a picture, date of birth, and place of birth. This helps ensure that only authentic accounts are being used and reduces the chances of fraudulent activity on the platform.

Two-factor Authentication

Coinex also implements two-factor authentication for added security. This feature allows users to use either SMS code or Google Authenticator to protect their accounts from hackers and other unauthorized access. It is highly recommended that users enable this feature when setting up their accounts so they can have peace of mind knowing their funds are safe and secure.

Login Password

In addition to two-factor authentication, Coinex requires all its users to set a strong login password made up of unique characters in order to gain access to their account. To make sure passwords remain secure, the platform provides management tools that help users keep track of their passwords and change them at regular intervals. 

Individual Security

The safety of individual accounts is further enhanced by a variety of security tools available for each user on Coinex. These tools not only help protect personal information from potential threats but also give customers more control over how their data is handled and stored on the platform. 

Cold Wallet Storage

Coinex also provides cold wallet storage for added protection against hackers and other cyber criminals. The keys belonging to these wallets are kept both offline and online at all times so that only verified users can access them securely without fear or risk of unauthorized access. Furthermore, high-end security measures have been put into place to safeguard these wallets against malicious attacks or intrusions as well as unwanted tampering or manipulation of funds contained within them. 

Multi-signature Strategy

Finally, Coinex also supports multi-signature strategies which allow its customers to implement additional layers of security before accessing their funds or making trades on the platform. This approach helps reduce the chances of any unwanted interference while ensuring that all transactions are properly authorized beforehand – providing assurance and peace of mind for both traders and investors alike.

CoinEx is a great choice for experienced traders looking for an extensive range of available cryptocurrencies, as well as access to more advanced features like margin trading. With no KYC requirements in place, it's perfect for those who already own cryptos and don't need to make fiat purchases. Not only that, but CoinEx also provides a secure and reliable platform for anyone to trade on – allowing users from all over the world to trade using their preferred payment methods.

Coinex Services & Features

CoinEx Review

Buy & sell crypto

CoinEx is an exchange built with the intention of being user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Following a simple registration process, users can easily purchase a variety of digital currencies with just a few clicks. At present, CoinEx offers more than 100 different crypto assets, including its own native token (CET), as well as some of the most popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

CoinEx has done an impressive job in providing customers with access to various cryptocurrencies, however there remains potential for further growth. The platform has worked hard to make their interface easy to use for newcomers and veterans alike. With features like margin trading, perpetual contracts and OTC trading available, users are able to take advantage of pricing differences between digital assets while also participating in spot/futures markets. In addition, CoinEx also offers to stake services which enable traders to lock up their coins and earn rewards over time.

For those seeking greater security or access to further asset classes, CoinEx has recently launched its own wallet service which supports both hot and cold storage modes so that users can safely store their digital assets away from any online exchanges. Similarly, CoinEx allows users to claim rewards by participating in their Tokenomics program which involves activities such as staking CET tokens or referring new traders. Finally, CoinEx provides educational resources on its website that teach users about the basics of cryptocurrency investing as well as more advanced topics related to trading strategies and risk management.

Spot exchange

CoinEx is a leading crypto trading platform that allows users to buy and sell tokens and coins for immediate settlement, known as spot trading. It provides all the features necessary for a successful and secure transaction. The exchange page contains multiple features such as:

1) Search bar and market area: This feature provides a convenient way to find the desired tokens quickly.

2) Trading pair and basic market information: This displays the current trading pairs along with their market information, such as open prices, 24h low/high, 24h volume, etc.

3) K-line market and depth chart: This shows the price movements of each token in real-time through its K-line graph. The detailed depth chart helps users understand the liquidity of each token quickly.

4) Fee discount setting and rate of maker & taker: Users can adjust their fee settings here according to their needs to make transactions more cost-effective.

5) Market selection area: All available markets are listed on this page so users can choose between different types of tokens conveniently.

6) Order placing area: Through this feature, users can easily place their orders with just one click.

7) Proportion of buying & selling: This displays the proportion of buyers versus sellers in order to help investors make better decisions when trading.

8) Market handicap depth area: This feature provides useful insights about the order book information which helps traders understand the current trends in the market better. 

9) Latest transactions area: Here users can view recent deals that have been made by other traders using CoinEx’s platform so they can stay up to date with the latest developments in crypto trading. 

10) Current orders area: Users can check all their active orders on this page so they can keep track of them easily without having to go through multiple menus or tabs. 

11) Orders history area: Through this feature, users can review their past activities on CoinEx’s platform as well as view previous trades they have made going back an unlimited amount of time in order to analyze if any improvements could be made in future trades or not.

Margin exchange

CoinEx Review

CoinEx offers a range of trading features, and among them is advanced margin trading. This type of trading should not be attempted by newcomers to the crypto world as it comes with a greater level of risk. Those who wish to engage in margin trading must first transfer their funds from their spot account to the specific margin account.

Margin trading allows traders to borrow money from third parties so that they can trade with a much larger sum than what would be available in their own budget. The potential for higher returns is attractive, although any losses incurred could be much more significant. As such, prior knowledge and experience of cryptocurrency markets is essential before attempting this sort of investment strategy.

It goes without saying that margin trading requires careful consideration and detailed research on both the asset and its market environment before entering into any trades. This is because incorrect assessment or mishandling of market movements can lead to amplified losses due to the increased leveraged position taken on by the trader. With proper awareness, however, traders may benefit from greater opportunities for profits under certain conditions when used correctly.

CoinEx Supported Coins

CoinEx is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering a wide range of digital assets to trade. It supports over 150 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, including its native token CET, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), USD Coin (USDC), Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Furthermore, it also provides users with access to other popular coins such as Litecoin (LTC).

CoinEx has grown in popularity due to its user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive customer support. Its security measures ensure that all funds stored on the platform are safe from malicious actors. Aside from trading cryptocurrencies, CoinEx also offers several other services for users, such as lending and staking. Moreover, it also provides educational resources for beginners and advanced traders alike. With its high liquidity and fast execution speed, traders can buy or sell their preferred digital currencies with ease. All in all, CoinEx is an ideal platform for anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and securely.

CoinEx Deposits & Withdrawals

CoinEx does not offer a direct deposit option for fiat currency, but there are several third-party providers that can be used to do so. Simplex, XanPool, Mercuryo, Paxful, Moonpay, and AdvCash are all reliable providers that allow users to deposit their funds into CoinEx. The exact minimum deposit amount will depend on the chosen fiat currency.

CoinEx review

When it comes to depositing cryptocurrency directly into a CoinEx account, users have the option of doing exactly that. This way they can transfer funds from other exchanges or wallets without having to worry about converting fiat money first. Withdrawing crypto is also quite easy as users can simply send their funds to an external wallet address. However if they'd like to exchange their crypto for fiat money they must go through a third-party provider such as Mercuryo.


CoinEx offers fee-free deposits and an array of cryptocurrency withdrawal fees, based on the coin itself. Withdrawal fees vary from 0.0001 BTC for BTC withdrawals to up to 80+ for stablecoins like USDC and USDT, depending on the mainnet type chosen. In comparison to the market average, these fees appear to be quite reasonable – with an additional fiat option available via third-party providers such as Simplex, XanPool, Mercuryo, Paxful, Moonpay and AdvCash.


For deposits and withdrawals alike, CoinEx only accepts cryptocurrencies – a downside that is somewhat mitigated by the opportunity to exchange fiat money for crypto and deposit it into your CoinEx account through aforementioned third-party providers. Unverified users have a 24 hour withdrawal limit of 10 000 USD while verified users can withdraw up to 1 000 000 USD within that same time frame. There are no deposit limits listed on the website but there is a minimum deposit according to currency used. 


The features of CoinEx include fee-free deposits and competitive withdrawal fees based on individual coins; cryptocurrency only deposits/withdrawals with the specification that users can exchange fiat money for crypto via third party providers; unverified users having 24 hour withdrawal limits of 10 000 USD which is increased up to 1 000 000 USD when verification is completed; and no deposit limits although there is a minimum deposit based on currency used.

CoinEX Pros and Cons

Coinex is a crypto trading platform that offers traders numerous advantages. With its user-friendly interface, low fees and great selection of coins and fiat pairs, the platform has become increasingly popular among traders. Moreover, it provides vast liquidity pools and high trading volumes to ensure that traders are getting a good deal.

In terms of account opening procedure, Coinex makes it easy for users. They have an easy signup process and all they require is basic personal information such as name, email address, phone number etc. The platform also has strict security measures in place to protect its customers from potential threats or losses.


• Low trading fees with even lower fees for high volume traders

• Variety of coins and fiat pairs for more options

• High liquidity pools and large trading volumes

• Numerous features to enhance your trading experience

• User-friendly signup process to open an account quickly

• Strict security procedures to protect customers from loss or threats


• No regulation by any government body in most countries other than Estonia

• Can share customer’s personal information under certain conditions according to their policy 

Overall, Coinex is a reliable crypto trading platform that provides many advantages for its users. With its wide range of coins and fiat pairs and solid security measures, it presents itself as a good option for those interested in cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, the low fees are another bonus as well as the ease of account opening procedure.

CoinEx Fees

CoinEx review

Deposit fees

CoinEx is a popular crypto platform that allows users to buy and sell various cryptos such as Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). While it is free to deposit most cryptos, depositing fiat money through a bank transfer incurs fees. CoinEx utilizes third-party payment processors on the site in order to facilitate these deposits.

Each processor has different fee structures, often including a set fee plus an unfavorable exchange rate. For example, if one wanted to purchase Bitcoin through Simplex, a third-party processor on the site, the minimum deposit would be $200. However, instead of obtaining $200 worth of Bitcoin for this amount, the user is only given $184 worth of Bitcoin due to the $7 fee and additional $9 spread. Other payment processors have similar fees structures and unfavorable exchange rates for fiat deposits.

Furthermore, when purchasing through CoinEx's third-party payment processors other than Simplex, users must keep in mind certain transaction limits in order to complete their purchases. For example, depending on the country they are located in and their verification status, individuals buying with either credit or debit cards may only be able to purchase up to $50 or $100 worth of cryptocurrencies at once. 

Additionally, there may be limitations based on nationality which limit how much individual buyers can purchase during a given day period or even during one specific transaction. This can also lead to extra costs such as conversion fees between different currency pairs as well as charges for each extra purchase attempt above the daily limit determined by the payment processor being used. Therefore it is important that individuals be aware of these various restrictions before trying to make any purchases using CoinEx's third-party payment processors so that they can plan accordingly and budget properly for all potential associated expenses.

Trading fees

CoinEx offers a variety of ways to reduce trading fees when trading on their platform. Traders can take advantage of their maker/taker fee of 0.2% by paying in CoinEx's native token, CET. This provides an impressive 20% fee reduction for users who opt to pay with this token. 

Additionally, users can qualify for VIP status and ascend the five levels available on CoinEx depending on how many CET tokens they hold or how much they trade in high volumes. As traders reach each level, they will be provided with additional discounts and rewards which can help them save even more on their trades.

Furthermore, the higher the VIP level, the greater the access to exclusive services and features that are not available to regular members. Thus, CoinEx offers an attractive incentive scheme that rewards users for using their platform and encourages further participation in order to receive greater benefits over time.

Withdrawal fees

CoinEx is a great platform for trading cryptocurrencies, as the withdrawal fees are often lower than those of other exchanges. Not only that, but it also offers a wide range of coins and tokens to choose from. Unfortunately, fiat withdrawals are not supported – you can only withdraw cryptocurrency. 

This is useful for users who want to easily exchange their digital assets for other coins or tokens without having to go through a third-party service. With CoinEx's low withdrawal fees and diverse selection of cryptos, users have the freedom to buy, sell and trade any digital asset they like with ease.

How To Start With CoinEx?

coinex review

Visiting CoinEx's official website and logging in to your account is the first step to accessing the Account Settings page. This page can be found by selecting [AccountSettings] under [Account] in the top-right corner of the homepage. On this page, you will need to click on [Enterprise] on the right side of “ID Verification”, where you'll be presented with a few key points that should be taken into consideration before moving forward. Once you are ready, tick the disclaimer checkbox and hit [I'm all set for ID Verification].

The next step is to fill out the Basic Info correctly and upload all requested documents. A handy tip here is that you can save all information already filled in at any time by clicking ”Save as Draft“ and returning to it later. Following this, Board Info needs to be filled out correctly and an ID photo should be uploaded according to the selected ID type before finally clicking [Next]. Keep in mind that when choosing Passport as the ID Type, only the first page of your passport needs to be uploaded.

In some cases, if the company director and ultimate beneficiary are not one and the same person, authentication for Ultimate Beneficiary is also needed. In this case, Ultimate Beneficiary Info must be filled in correctly and an ID photo must be uploaded according to their selected ID type before submitting it all. It's important to remember that Ultimate Beneficiary refers to an entity owning at least 25% of a company's shares.

Once all necessary steps have been completed, your result will then be sent via Email within 5-10 business days; so don't forget to check your mailbox timely! Following these instructions carefully makes sure that your application process runs smoothly – making it easier for you access CoinEx's advanced trading services.

Coinex Support

In order to get in touch with the CoinEx exchange, the best course of action is to submit an online request through their support website. This request should include your registered email address and provide further details about your query. 

All requests are responded to in a timely manner and it is recommended that users provide as much information as possible, such as account details, transaction ID or reference numbers, to assist with a speedy resolution.

Customers should also bear in mind that CoinEx is available around the world, so there can be delays as a result of time zone differences when it comes to replies and problem solving. Having access to 24/7 customer service through their website ensures that users can access help whenever they need it.

Payment Method

coinex review

Coinx offers a wide range of payment methods, including bank transfers, SEPA transfers, credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency. Depositing cryptocurrency onto Coinx is free of charge; however, when depositing fiat currency onto the platform, third-party payment merchants will typically levy a fee. 

Additionally, all deposits and withdrawals are subject to Coinx's own internal due diligence procedures. Furthermore, Coinx has implemented rigorous security measures to ensure that all transactions are secure and compliant with applicable regulations. This includes two-factor authentication for account access, as well as mandatory KYC/AML compliance checks for all customers. 

All in all, Coinx provides an easy and convenient way to deposit funds securely and quickly at competitive prices.


coinex review

Does CoinEx have a Native Token?

Yes, CoinEx has launched its own native token CET back in 2019, which has now become an integral part of the platform. Not only can you buy it on several exchanges like BKEX, AscendEX (Bitmax), and CoinEx itself, but you can also benefit from holding it. By doing so, users will receive discounts on transaction fees for various activities such as trading and transfers. Moreover, the value of CET increases with each passing day due to its increasing adoption among users. 

This token allows users to enjoy a range of features including efficient transfers and secure investments while reducing costs associated with transactions and other operations. The use cases of CET are also expanding along with its growing popularity, making it a great asset to hold both for regular users as well as professional traders.

Is CoinEx legit and safe?

CoinEx is undoubtedly a legitimate crypto exchange platform, boasting an extensive user base. It is well-known for its security measures, going above and beyond to ensure the safety of funds deposited. This includes a multi-sig cold wallet storage system to store a certain percentage of funds offline. 

A striking feature of CoinEx is its Bug Bounty program, which incentivizes users to report any bugs or issues on the platform with rewards in USDT ranging from 200 to 10,000 USDT depending on the type and severity of the issue reported.

What's more, CoinEx has never experienced any major hacks or breaches since its inception – making it a reliable option for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts alike. As such, they can be sure that their investments are kept safe at all times and that any potential issues will be quickly addressed thanks to the bounties available.

Is CoinEx Regulated?

With its Estonian digital asset trading license, CoinEx is a crypto trading exchange that operates under the regulation of both Estonia and international law. This allows users to trade in confidence knowing their assets are secure.

Is coinex available in New York?

Aspiring traders from nearly every corner of the globe have access to CoinEx's user-friendly platform, with no restrictions in place for over 200 countries – except for one exception. The U.S., however, is not supported due to its complex legal regulations and users must ensure they are acting within their own country’s laws when trading on this service.

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