CoinEx Affiliate Program Review

CoinEx Affiliate Program is a global partnership aimed at creating an all-inclusive business ecosystem. It offers the opportunity to become part of a highly dynamic, fast-growing, and innovative exchange community. Through this CoinEx Affiliate Program, partners can take advantage of being involved in CoinEx's marketing operations, such as participating in promotional activities or advertising campaigns.

To join the platform, applicants must have their identity verified through the KYC process. With enough enthusiasm and creativity, everyone has the potential to benefit from this program and be rewarded for their contributions. Join us now for an unforgettable journey! 

Coinex Affiliate Program Commission

CoinEx Affiliate Program

CoinEx is offering you an incredible opportunity to join the CoinEx Affiliate Program and reap the benefits of lucrative referral commissions. All you need to do is meet certain predetermined volume criteria based on your desired tier, and you can then enjoy the rewards of up to 50% of transaction fees earned through your referred users in USDT! 

The three tiers available are Silver (500,000 USD or more), Gold (2,500,000 USD or more) and Diamond (10,000,000 USD or more). Each respective rank comes with its own percentage for referral payments; Silver will get 40%, Gold 45%, and Diamond 50%. As long as you remain a CoinEx ambassador in good standing these percentages will remain valid. 

What're you waiting for? Start getting your share of the profits today! With CoinEx Affiliate Program it is safe and easy to become an ambassador. Just sign up and start earning without any hassles or delays. Join now and see the amazing rewards that are just around the corner!


  • CoinEx Ambassadors are part of a special program designed to help ensure the growth and success of our platform. As such, their performance is monitored on a monthly basis, with rankings updated accordingly.
  • Ambassadors must meet certain criteria in order to remain active as part of the CoinEx Affiliate Program. Specifically, they must refer users whose total trading volume over the course of 30 days adds up to 500,000 USD or more. Should an Ambassador fail two months consecutively in achieving this minimum requirement, they will retain their Silver rank status. However, should they fail three consecutive months they will be disqualified from the program altogether.
  • The trading volume referred by each user includes all Spot Trading, Margin Trading and Perpetual Trading activity combined. As such, Ambassadors must be aware of the various factors that come into play when monitoring their referred user's trading volume.
  • CoinEx Ambassadors can look forward to numerous benefits during their tenure in the program. In particular, they have access to a permanent referral commission system, granting them with the opportunity to earn additional revenue while helping CoinEx grow and progress.
RankingTrading Volume of Referred Users (Last month)Referral % (USDT)
Silver≥500,000 USD40%
Gold≥2,500,000 USD45%
Diamond≥10,000,000 USD50%

Coinex Affiliate Program Rules

The Coinex Affiliate Program is a great way to earn a wide range of rewards for referring new users to the platform. Here are the rules you need to be aware of when participating in this program: 

1. Only those who register using your referral link or code can count as your referred user, though if you were their first red packet sender, then you can also be considered their referrer. 

2. Each user has the ability to generate up to 19 different referral links which they can share around so more people know about CoinEx and join in! 

3. As a referrer, you will receive a proportion of the fees generated from transactions made by your referee according to your VIP level; this reward will be settled in CET according to the current exchange rate and allocated directly into your account. Please note that there may be slight delays in receiving your rewards. 

4. Gain more rewards as your VIP level increases! As you progress from one tier to another, the reward ratio goes up – starting at 15% for beginners and reaching 40% with world-class status.

5. The effective period of the referral reward starts from when the referee registers their account and after 6 months, it is halved; after 12 months, there will be no more referral reward given out. 

6. The sub-accounts will retain the referrals from their parent account, meaning the referrer will still get a reward for the transactions of those sub-accounts.

7. If your referee is a market maker, then no referral reward can be received by either party. 

8. CoinEx Affiliate Program does not allow any user to refer themselves through multiple accounts; if this is found out, all rewards earned from it will be canceled, including that of the referee’s account. 

9. As market environments change and fraud becomes more apparent, CoinEx reserves the right to make final interpretations of these rules at any time without prior notice. 

So there you have it! These are the rules and regulations you need to know when participating in the Coinex Affiliate Program so that you can start earning rewards through referrals quickly and safely. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up or else your account may be suspended! 

CoinEx Affiliate Program

CoinEx Affiliate Program Requirements

Anyone is welcome to apply for the CoinEx Affiliate Program as long as they meet at least one of the requirements below. 

  • Hold at least 1,000 CET (CoinEx Token). 
  • Possess good knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, digital assets, and projects in the industry. 
  • Have an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and other cryptocurrency forums. 
  • Understand basic English or be able to communicate fluently in English. 
  • Be willing to promote CoinEx and its services through social media channels and other related activities. 
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement that protects confidential information about the company’s plans and strategies. 
  • Submit a request for participation with a detailed proposal on how to promote CoinEx. 
  • Participate regularly in the Ambassador Program’s activities and provide feedback, suggestions and reports.

CoinEx Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse any applicant for whatever reason, without providing an explanation.  The program is open to everyone who meets the criteria above and actively participates in promoting CoinEx's services and products.  All accepted applicants will receive a Certificate of Participation after the completion of their term as an ambassador. 

How Do You Get Paid

As part of the CoinEx Affiliate Program, Ambassadors are rewarded with a monthly remuneration paid in USDT. This is just one of the privileges that our Ambassadors can take advantage of as part of this program.

As an Ambassador, you will receive payouts on a regular basis to incentivize your commitment and dedication to promoting CoinEx Affiliate Program In addition to this financial reward, the wider CoinEx community benefits from your efforts too – so it’s truly a win-win situation! So don't hesitate: to join us now and start earning rewards for helping promote CoinEx. We guarantee you'll be pleased with what you receive in return!

Coinex Affiliate Program Pros and Cons 


  • CoinEx Ambassadors are given a range of impressive benefits, including monthly pay in USDT and increasing referral commission percentages by up to 50%.
  • They also receive exclusive honorary certificates and custom CoinEx gifts.
  • High-end training for ambassadors with preferential rights to take part in offline activities as well as exclusive VIP seats are among the additional perks.
  • Moreover, they gain early access to CoinEx product testing and have the opportunity to contribute to product development. 


  • Unfortunately, this CoinEx Affiliate Program is only available to Ambassadors, meaning that regular customers cannot benefit from it.
  • However, there may be other promotional activities or discounts available for customers interested in using the platform. 

How To Apply For CoinEx Ambassador

CoinEx Affiliate Program

If you are interested in becoming a CoinEx Ambassador, here is how to get started. First, you will need to register an account on the platform and complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. This involves providing personal information for identity verification purposes, which is important for user account safety and fraud prevention. 

Once this is done, fill out the application form to become an Ambassador. You can find this form on the official website or app and make sure that all relevant details provided are accurate and honest. The CoinEx team will review your application within 7 working days, after which you’ll receive confirmation via Email if accepted as an Ambassador. 

The instructions included in the Email should be followed to complete the remaining steps of the application process. Once this is done, you’ll officially become a CoinEx Ambassador and gain access to exclusive benefits. If you have any questions about the application process or would like assistance with it, contact the CoinEx team directly for help. 

In conclusion, becoming a CoinEx Ambassador is easy and straightforward. Just register an account on their platform, fill out the application form correctly, and wait for confirmation via Email from their team. After completing all the necessary steps in the application process, you’ll be able to enjoy all that comes with being an official ambassador!

You can also contact the CoinEx team directly if you have any questions or would like assistance with the application process. This is a great way to ensure that your application is successful! 

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