Comparing The Features Of CoinEx Vs KuCoin: Which Is Better?

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of 2 cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEx vs KuCoin. Both platforms were launched in 2017 in Hong Kong and provide users with high liquidity and a wide range of features.

While KuCoin has a much higher daily trading volume than CoinEx, both platforms offer similar numbers of supported coins. In this review, we will compare the main characteristics and features of these 2 exchanges to help you decide which one is better for your needs.

Comparing The Features Of CoinEx Vs KuCoin

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of 2 cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEx vs KuCoin. Both platforms were launched in 2017 in Hong Kong and provide users with high liquidity and a wide range of features.

While KuCoin has a much higher daily trading volume than CoinEx, both platforms offer similar numbers of supported coins. In this review, we will compare the main characteristics and features of these 2 exchanges to help you decide which one is better for your needs.

Coinex Vs Kucoin: Overview

Coinex – What is this?

CoinEx vs KuCoin

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong. It has made its mark as one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world and ranks among the top 100 most liquid exchanges, with an average daily trading volume of over $28 million. 

CoinEx supports over 600 altcoins (alternative coins) such as NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens), GameFi tokens, and futures trading; it also supports margin trading for users to make more informed decisions about their trades. 

In addition to providing access to crypto trading, CoinEx also provides a variety of features designed to help users get the most out of their experience on the platform. 

These features can help users gain an edge while they trade, such as monitoring airdrops and earning compound interest through crypto loans. 

CoinEx provides its built-in token swap feature, allowing users to instantly convert their cryptocurrency holdings into other digital assets without paying additional fees. 

CoinEx vs KuCoin

CoinEx has also integrated various popular payment services into its platform, allowing users to quickly purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money. 

Supported payment providers include Guardian, MoonPay, Advcash, Banxa, and Mercuryo – enabling access to around 60 different fiat currencies. This makes it easier than ever before for people all around the world to start investing in cryptocurrencies using their local currency. 

CoinEx's suite of features makes it one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency exchanges available today. 

Its impressive liquidity and advanced features make it a great choice for novice traders looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies and experienced traders who want access to competitive spreads across multiple asset classes.

Kucoin – What is this?

CoinEx vs KuCoin

KuCoin is an innovative crypto trading platform founded in 2017 and based in Hong Kong. It has become one of the best-known platforms for buying and selling digital assets, with daily trading volumes reaching close to $1 billion by July 2022. 

KuCoin provides users with a wide range of features such as spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, crypto lending and staking, OTC desk, NFT trade, and fiat-to-crypto gateway. 

Moreover, it supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and many more. 

In terms of payment methods, KuCoin offers a variety of options – from traditional bank cards and wire transfers to more modern alternatives such as Banxa transfers and Simplex. 

CoinEx vs KuCoin

Additionally, users can exchange their fiat money for cryptocurrency on the platform's P2P network. Trading bots are also available for automated trading, which helps KuCoin customers earn even more profits from their investments without spending much time or effort.

Coinex Vs Kucoin: What Are The Differences?

Coinex Vs Kucoin – Compared Table

Trading fees (%)0.20.1
Trading volume in 24 hours (from July 2022)over $28 millionnearly $1 billion
Withdrawal fees (BTC)0.000290.0005
How many supported coins? (from July 2022)595703
Is there any regulation?NoYes
Security-Anti-phishing phrase  
-Withdrawal multi-approval
-IP restrictions
-Anti-phishing phrase  
-Trading password
-Phone number binding
Are there security breaches?NoYes, in 2020
Additional features-NFT trading  
-Futures trading
-Margin trading
-Automated trading
-NFT trading
-Margin trading
-Futures trading 
-OTC desk
-Fiat-to-crypto gateway

Coinex Vs Kucoin – Detailed Comparison 

Supported Coins and Trading Volume in 24 hours

CoinEx vs KuCoin

CoinEx vs KuCoin offers an impressive selection of coins, with over 500 cryptocurrencies available on each platform. This provides users with plenty of choices while avoiding the inclusion of any worthless scam coins. 

In terms of liquidity, KuCoin sees 3 times more daily trading volume than CoinEx, making it much easier to complete transactions quickly and at the desired price. 


In terms of fees, KuCoin reigns supreme as its starting rate is just 0.1% per transaction – one of the lowest in the industry. Conversely, CoinEx charges a 0.2% fee for trades from the beginning. 

Withdrawal fees are lower on CoinEx than KuCoin, with Bitcoin withdrawals costing 0.00019 BTC compared to KuCoin's 0.0005 BTC charge — a remarkable difference that's sure to be welcomed by customers from around the world. 

CoinEx vs KuCoin


Both exchanges have invested heavily in security features to protect customer funds for a long time. However, a security breach in 2020 saw $280 million stolen from KuCoin's hot wallets due to hackers gaining access to private keys, severely impacting user trust in the exchange platform. 

Additional Features  

The wide variety of features offered by both platforms makes them industry leaders in their own right.

Outside of spot trading, they offer additional ways to make money through cryptocurrency operations – such as staking and margin trading – making them attractive options for users across countries and continents.  


CoinEx vs KuCoin

One advantage both exchanges have is their global availability; many top crypto exchanges cannot be accessed in certain countries, including those under sanctions or prohibited by US laws. 

While both Coinex vs Kucoin is available worldwide, which makes them popular among global users searching for a reliable service provider for their digital asset trading needs.

Coinex Vs Kucoin – Summary Table

Cryptogeek rating 3.8/54.0/5
Trust Score (How it works) 4.2/53.99/5
User rating 4/53.4/5
Founding Year20172017
AboutCoinEx is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform established in 2017. It offers low-cost trading of a wide variety of coins, with Bitcoin Cash as its main asset. 
The company also plans to launch its CoinEx Token (CET) coin soon. Not only that, but the developers are looking into setting up a special decentralized exchange that uses CET as “gas.” 
This new initiative is expected to revolutionize how people trade on the platform, providing users with enhanced security and cost efficiency. 
Moreover, it will open up new opportunities for users by giving them greater control over their trades and simplifying the process of executing transactions. 
All these features are part of CoinEx's commitment to providing its customers with an optimal unique trading experience.
KuCoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform quickly becoming one of the industry's best-known and most preferred exchanges, launching in mid-2017. 
The team behind the project has dedicated their time to blockchain research since 2013, gathering invaluable experience and knowledge in the process. 
KuCoin has since become a leading exchange, listing over 100 coins and boasting over 400 active markets. 
With an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of trading options, and attractive fees, KuCoin has gained popularity among new and experienced investors. Security is also taken seriously at KuCoin, with multiple layers of technology protecting users' funds from hackers.
Additionally, they have recently announced plans to launch margin and futures trading on their platform. 
With its user-friendly features and secure environment, it is clear why KuCoin has become one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto space.
CountrySamoaHong Kong
Mobile appAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
-Traditional and Simplified Chinese
FeesMaker – 0.2%Taker – 0.2%Tier Min. KCS holding 30-day trade volume (30 days) in BTC Maker/Taker fee KCS Pay fees
1st level – 1,000 ≥ 50 0.09% / 0.1% 0.072% / 0.08%
2nd level – 10,000 ≥ 200 0.07% / 0.09% 0.056% / 0.072%
3rd level – 20,000 ≥ 500 0.05% / 0.08% 0.04% / 0.064%
4th level – 30,000 ≥ 1,000 0.03% / 0.07% 0.024% / 0.056%
5th level – 40,000 ≥ 2,000 0% / 0.07% 0% / 0.056%
6th level – 50,000 ≥ 4,000 0% / 0.06% 0% / 0.048%
7th level – 60,000 ≥ 8,000 0% / 0.05% 0% / 0.04%
8th level – 70,000 ≥ 15,000 -0.005% / 0.045% -0.005% / 0.036%
9th level – 80,000 ≥ 25,000 -0.005%/0.04% / 0.005% / 0.032%
10th level – 90,000 ≥ 40,000 -0.005% / 0.035% / 0.005% / 0.028%
11th level – 100,000 ≥ 60,000 -0.005% / 0.03% -0.005% /  0.024%
12th level – 150,000 ≥ 80,000 -0.005% / 0.025% -0.005% / 0.02%
Full addressAsia-Pacific – APAC
(The exchange doesn't disclose the exact location of its office)
(The exchange doesn't disclose the exact location of its office)
Fiat tradingYesYes
FeesTransaction MiningPercentage
2-factor authenticationYes Yes
CoinEx vs KuCoin

Coinex Vs Kucoin – Conclusion

Overall, KuCoin is the clear winner regarding Coinex vs Kucoin comparison. It charges lower trading fees and has significantly higher liquidity than CoinEx. 

This makes it a more convenient platform for traders looking to make quick transactions without compromising security or incurring high withdrawal fees. While CoinEx hasn't been hacked yet, it could change as its user base grows. 

As such, KuCoin offers users greater peace of mind about their funds' safety while providing an efficient and cost-effective way of trading cryptocurrencies. 

However, both platforms have advantages before deciding which exchange you should use for your crypto needs.

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