Comparing CoinEx Vs – Which Crypto Exchange Is Better?

If you're looking for a reliable crypto exchange, it's important to compare CoinEx and Both exchanges offer different features that may be better suited for your trading needs. 

In this comparison article, we'll look at the characteristics, fees, trading features, safety measures, and social media presence of both platforms to help you make an informed decision on which one is best for you. 

CoinEx has been around since 2017 while was established in 2013 – making it the older of the two exchanges with more experience in the industry. Location-wise, CoinEx is based in China whereas is located in Seychelles so bear that in mind when choosing an exchange as some countries have stricter financial regulations than others which can make seeking court assistance difficult if needed. 

Both platforms also provide mobile apps available on iOS and Android devices so users can trade quickly and easily wherever they are – making them both great options no matter what type of device you use! Furthermore, CoinEx is a centralized platform while offers decentralized services – each with their own pros and cons depending on your preferences or requirements when trading cryptocurrencies online.. Ultimately though only you can decide which one works best for your individual needs by weighing up the different factors between CoinEx and 

To make it easier for you, we have summarized our findings in a table below to help guide you through each exchange's features, fees and more. We have also included our final ratings for both exchanges at the end of this page so that you can make an informed decision as to which one is better suited for your trading needs.  So let's dive in and discover what makes these two platforms unique in the world of cryptocurrency! 

CoinEx Overview

CoinEx is an exchange platform established in 2017 and based in Hong Kong. It offers users access to a wide array of different coins and assets, with Bitcoin Cash being the primary option for trading. Additionally, CoinEx will soon be introducing its own token, known as CoinEx Token (CET). This new coin can also be used to power a decentralized system within the CoinEx exchange platform, allowing users to engage in more secure transactions while keeping their funds protected at all times. 

The developers of CoinEx have made sure that their exchange is easy-to-use and cost-effective for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they have created a system where one can securely keep their money safe while engaging in various transactions without any risk of funds being stolen or lost. Furthermore, the introduction of their own coin – CET – provides users with more security and control over their own investments. 

CoinEx vs

CoinEx is striving hard to become one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market today. It's no wonder then that it has quickly grown in popularity amongst traders and investors alike due to its low-cost and user-friendly interface. With its broad range of coins offered, along with its upcoming introduction of CET, this platform looks set to continue growing in the future.

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange, with its headquarters located in the Asia-Pacific region. The platform supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkish, Indonesian and Malay as well as Arabic Ukrainian Taiwanese. CoinEx offers very competitive trading fees for both maker and taker orders of 0.2%.

In addition to the standard market trading options like limit and market orders, CoinEx also provides advanced features such as margin trading options and derivatives contracts. The exchange also offers advantages such as real-time order book updates utilizing WebSocket APIs. CoinEx has partnered with Gateio to provide a secure and reliable platform for traders who are looking to take advantage of cryptocurrency markets without having to worry about the safety of their funds or data. Overview, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, was founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneur Lin Han and is owned and operated by Gate Technology Incorporated. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most sought after platforms for digital asset trading. This year, it attained a tremendous milestone with its $64,000,000 ICO and also received an undisclosed investment from 5 BLOCKS CAPITAL on April 8th, 2019. It is without a doubt that has secured its place as one of the top contenders in the cryptocurrency space.

The services provided by includes digital asset trading such as cryptocurrency exchange, margin trading, and lending services for both retail and institutional users. Additionally, the platform allows users to interact with blockchain-based applications such as DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. Furthermore, also provides news content related to crypto investments as well as educational resources for beginners to understand the industry better. 

CoinEx vs

Overall, Gate Technology Incorporated created one of the largest digital asset trading platforms in the world with its wide range of services that caters to both retail and institutional users. With its reliable network infrastructure and secure system architecture, Gate has earned a great recognition from investors around the world while being successful in raising capital from investors like 5 BLOCKS CAPITAL this year.

The platform is an international crypto asset exchange operating out of its Trust Company Complex located on Ajeltake Road in the Republic of the Marshall Islands' Ajeltake Island. The site offers users 13 languages to choose from, including English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Thai. Customers can easily navigate the platform in their native language to trade various crypto assets.

Both Coinex and Gateio have implemented a 0.2% fee for trading. To further incentivize users to use their respective platforms coinex and Gateio have also implemented tiered fees for the discounted trading volume of BTC Equivalent. For coinex VIP0 traders trades below 6 BTC will not incur fees while VIP1 traders with trades above 6 BTC will get a 5% discount on their trade fees. The higher tiered VIPs will enjoy increasing discounts of up to 50% off with trade volumes over 10 000 BTC Equivalents. 

Trading – CoinEx Vs

CoinEx Trading

CoinEx vs

CoinEx is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading options. It boasts an impressive 872,411,687.0 in daily trade volume and provides users with 205 available trading pairs. CoinEx also allows users to buy and sell with fiat currencies and offers the option of margin trading. Depositing funds to the platform is free of charge, while fees for transactions are charged through the process of mining.

The exchange ensures high levels of security with its advanced encryption technology, making it an ideal choice for people looking to transact cryptocurrencies safely and securely. In addition, CoinEx has a comprehensive customer support system consisting of 24/7 live chat and email support as well as extensive FAQs to assist customers with any query they may have.

With its user-friendly interface, competitive transaction fees, and reliable customer service team, CoinEx is the go-to choice for many traders seeking a secure cryptocurrency exchange experience. Trading is an established cryptocurrency exchange platform offering reliable trading services and security for its users. It has a trading volume of 61,555,210.0 and 395 available trading pairs. Fiat trading is supported in the exchange, however margin trading is not available. Depositing funds to is completely free of charge but the trading fees are based on a percentage rate of each transaction that varies depending on the type of cryptocurrency being traded.

The exchange ensures secure transactions through its multi-layered encryption system, 24/7 customer support, fraud prevention measures, and automated monitoring system for suspicious activities. also offers advanced features such as Auto Trade mode that allows users to make automatic trades according to predetermined criteria and Market Making service for people who want to take liquidity provider roles and earn rewards from their activities.

With its wide array of features and excellent security measures, provides a safe and reliable environment for crypto traders around the world to buy, sell, trade or store their digital assets securely without any hassle or fear of losing their funds due to fraudulent activities or unreliable services.

CoinEx vs

* Please note: The size and variety of available trading pairs on Coinex or Gateio can provide many opportunities for traders, but it is important to remember that this may also lead to potential technical issues due to the complexity of the system. Consequently, having too many active trading pairs could slow down the entire platform and cause delays in trading processes.

Safety- CoinEx Vs

Coin Ex Safety

CoinEx and are both well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but when it comes to safety precautions it is important to know the differences between the two. CoinEx provides two-factor authentication for its users, ensuring that their accounts are secure and only accessed by authorized persons. In addition, CoinEx is unverified which can help protect users’ personal information and financial data from potential fraud or external attacks. also offers two-factor authentication but goes a few steps further with advanced encryption technology and the implementation of a range of security protocols to ensure users have maximum protection. They also offer verified accounts, so customers can be sure that their personal information is stored securely by the platform.

CoinEx vs Safety is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering advanced security features to protect users' funds and ensure secure trading. With two-factor authentication available and all accounts verified, provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when trading digital assets. Not only that, but their multi-level encryption ensures all data is stored securely and can't be intercepted by malicious actors.

Furthermore, they offer an array of risk management tools to help traders manage their accounts and portfolios smartly while they are trading on the platform. All of these measures make one of the most secure exchanges and a reliable choice for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies safely and securely.

Social- CoinEx vs


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CoinEx vs


When comparing CoinEx vs Gateio, it’s clear that both platforms offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Coinex offers a wide range of digital assets, while Gateio provides users with advanced trading tools and features to help them make profitable trades. Ultimately, the decision between coinex or gateio will come down to personal preference as each platform has its unique benefits for traders.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use interface then coinex may be the best choice; however if you want powerful trading tools then a gateway could be more suitable. Whichever platform you choose, do your research first before making any investments in order to ensure success on your crypto journey!

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