OKX Review – Powerful All-In-One Crypto Exchange

OKX is a comprehensive crypto-based financial and trading services platform that caters to both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders and investors. OKX offers a robust suite of features, including an integrated wallet for seamless transactions, native coin for liquidity mining, as well as access to the global crypto markets from any location outside the U.S. 

OKX provides users with an unparalleled level of convenience when it comes to their digital asset investments, making it one of the most attractive options on the market today. In this OKX review, we will explore how OKX stands out from its competitors in terms of functionality, security measures, fee structure, and more.

Okex Exchange Rebrand To OKX 

OKX Review

In the year 2022, OKEX underwent a complete transformation and rebranding, simplifying its name to just OKX. The dropping of the “E” from “Exchange” was a sign that they wanted to break away from being only a crypto exchange and instead delve into the more exciting aspects of the industry. 

Now, they are exploring DeFi products, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), games, metaverses, and much more, becoming an all-in-one platform for any type of cryptocurrency user.

So what can you expect when using OKX? It is well known for its crypto derivatives trading platform, but there is so much more on offer. Those wanting to get involved with DeFi will find many opportunities here; whether it be lending platforms, tokenized real estate, or decentralized exchanges – OKX will provide you with these services and many more. 

For those that love gaming or want to make their own virtual world, NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent times. With OKX’s partnership with some of the most renowned developers in blockchain gaming, users can create their own digital collectibles, such as artworks and game assets – giving them a unique experience in owning something truly one-of-a-kind. 

OKX Review

Finally, those wanting to explore new realms beyond our world can do so through metaverses on OKX. With its 3D virtual environments feature allowing users to build an interactive virtual world via blockchain technology – the possibilities are truly endless. Whether it be for work or leisure – users can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to purchase assets needed for customizing their space within this fascinating new digital universe. 

All in all, OKX has provided something special and unique by offering services of every kind under one roof, making it an ideal place for both experienced and novice crypto fans alike. From trading derivatives to creating your own virtual realm – whatever it is you seek within the cryptosphere – chances are you will find it on OKX!

Is OKX Good For Beginners?

OKX Review

The OKX platform is one of the most accessible and user-friendly exchanges out there today. It's perfect for crypto beginners, as it allows them to buy their first coins within minutes with just a credit or debit card. 

But that's not all – OKX also offers a free academy to help users learn more about cryptocurrency, trading, and exchanges. This Academy consists of detailed tutorials, walkthroughs, and illustrations to help you understand everything you need to know about the platform. 

What’s even better is that if you're looking to get into NFTs, OKX has its own wallet where you can manage your tokens and buy and sell them in one place. 

Plus, when you sign up with Nuts About Money, you have the chance to win a mystery box worth up to $10,000 – so sign up for your chance at winning big! 

OKX also provides users with extra features such as their own exchange, where they can trade their assets for other cryptocurrencies using advanced techniques like a market order, limit orders, and stop limits. 

OKX Review

This makes it easy for any user – from beginner to expert – to trade with confidence and take advantage of various strategies without any prior knowledge or experience in trading. 

Furthermore, OKX provides 24/7 customer support which is always available should you need assistance or just want some advice on how best to use the platform. 

Finally, OKX has an intuitive interface which makes it simple and easy to use even for inexperienced traders. It also offers a wide range of coins and tokens that can be purchased through several payment methods, including bank transfers and credit cards (Visa & Mastercard). 

In addition, there are low fees on every transaction, which helps make it one of the most cost-effective exchanges out there today. 

In conclusion, OKX is an ideal choice for those who want an easy-to-use yet comprehensive platform to start trading or to manage their coins from. 

With its intuitive interface, low fees, and 24/7 customer support – along with the ability to win big when signing up with Nuts About Money – what’s not to love about this crypto exchange?

OKX Review

OKX Exchange Features

Simple convert

Simple convert provides a convenient way to trade different coins without having to use an exchange. It is free of charge, and users can get the best prices available. 

By using simple convert, users are able to make fast and secure trades from one coin to another, including stablecoins which are coins held in place by blockchain technology that you can then use for trading other coins. This is a great way for users to diversify their portfolios without having to navigate through complicated exchanges.

Basic exchange

In order for users to make basic orders for coins, the basic exchange feature provided by OKX is the ideal choice. The basic exchange offers an all-in-one view of trading volume, price movements, and current bids. This means that making orders is quick and easy, with no extra steps required in order to understand the market, as all relevant data is displayed in a single view. 

Advanced exchange

OKX Review

For more sophisticated trades such as futures, options, and margin trading, OKX also provides an advanced exchange service. This allows investors who have a good understanding of how these markets work to take advantage of more complex strategies in order to gain higher returns on their investments. 

OKX’s advanced exchange makes it possible for investors with expert knowledge of these markets to maximize their profits while minimizing risks associated with more volatile markets like cryptocurrencies.  

Trading data

In order to make sound decisions about which trades will be most profitable for them, OKX provides its traders with detailed charts that display information about current trends and ratios, such as long/short ratios or open interest (the number of customers wanting to trade). 

These charts provide valuable insights that can help traders make better decisions when placing orders on OKX’s platform. 

Trading bot

OKX also offers its users the ability to create their own trading bot – no coding or development skills are required! This allows investors who have less time or do not have a good understanding of market trends and strategies the opportunity to automate their trades so they can continue making money even when they’re away from their computers. 

OKX Review

In this way, traders can reap financial rewards while spending time on activities outside of investing.  

Block trading

Large-scale traders may opt for block trading or OTC (over-the-counter) trading instead of going through the exchanges on OKX’s platform due to two main reasons – it helps avoid slippage (price changes caused by large buy/sell orders), and it provides them with greater privacy since their transactions won't be visible on public exchanges. 

With block trading or OTC (over-the-counter) trading, large-scale traders are able to enjoy lower risk levels during their investment activities while still benefiting from significant gains through successful investments.  


Last but not least, OKX offers its users access to brand new crypto projects that the platform itself has carefully selected after undergoing rigorous assessment criteria. 

OKX Review

Jumpstart gives investors who enjoy taking risks the opportunity to prove themselves wrong (or right) when it comes to investing in new projects – providing potential long-term rewards if done correctly. 

Investing in new projects requires careful consideration, as there could be major unforeseen losses if things don't turn out as expected. Still, if done properly, it could lead to huge windfalls due to strategic investment decisions made early on.

OKX Fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

OKX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and thus, they have some of the lowest fees and charges associated with their services. Traders on OKX do not incur any deposit fees, but there is a small withdrawal fee that traders must pay in order to remove their funds from the exchange. 

This fee is determined by the blockchain load for each digital asset being traded and ranges from 0.0005 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.01 ETH for Ethereum, and 0.15 XRP for Ripple. The fee structure helps to keep user funds safe while also minimizing costs.

OKX Review

Trading Fees

On OKX, trading fees largely depend on whether a trader is acting as a market maker or a market taker. Generally speaking, most traders are market takers due to the large number of securities needed to qualify as a market maker. 

For market takers on OKX, maximum trading fees are set at 0.15% when trading spot markets; however, this can be lowered to 0.06% and 0.09%, respectively, if holding more than 2,000 OKB tokens within their wallet account before trading activity commencing. 

OKX Review

Futures and other perpetual markets also begin at lower rates such as a 0.02% maker fee/taker fee which you can also reduce depending on how many OKB tokens are held in the account before trading begins, allowing high net worth advanced traders with a large volume of trades during any 30-day period to avail of further rebates and discounts on their trading fees too!

Margin Fees

OKX offers margin trading, which allows traders to open positions using more capital than what was initially deposited into their account; i.e., it allows them to borrow funds from the exchange itself up to leverage ratios of 10:1 or 20:1 through perpetual swap contracts (even up to 100:1). 

As expected with such financial borrowing services, margin interest rates are applied when borrowed tokens vary according to current market prices and trends – these will be clearly outlined in your account profile before you commit yourself financially, so always do your research first!

OKX Review
OKX Review

OKX Pros And Cons


  • OKX offers some of the lowest trading fees available for both retail and institutional investors. 
  • It also does not charge any deposit fees, making it an attractive platform for traders who want to move their funds in and out quickly. 
  • OKX accepts a range of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit card payments, e-wallets, crypto coin payments, and more. 
  • Plus, OKX boasts a massive selection of crypto coins available for trading, including all the major ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and many more altcoins. 
  • Finally, OKX allows its users to access a variety of pro-trading options, such as spot trading, futures trading, and derivatives trading. 


OKX Review
  • Unfortunately, US citizens are not allowed to use OKX due to stringent regulations imposed by the US government. 
  • Additionally, while OKX is great for experienced traders who know what they're doing when it comes to the markets, it doesn't offer any demo accounts or tutorials to help newbies get familiar with the platform's features and tools. 
  • Lastly, there are some limitations on withdrawals due to anti-money laundering laws, which require customers to go through multiple KYC procedures before they can release their funds from OKX wallets.

How To Start With OKX?

Creating Account

OKX Review

Creating an account on OKX is a straightforward process. First of all, users must log in to the website and click on the Sign Up tab. This will lead to a registration form that requires an email address (or phone number) and a strong password of their choosing. 

Additionally, they must also provide a 6-digit pin code, which is sent through either the email or phone number given by the user. 

KYC documents are optional, though if the user is looking to withdraw more than 100 BTC within 24 hours, then verification may be needed. Once these steps are complete, then the user can begin using their account for trading purposes. 

Deposit Funds

OKX Review

After verifying their accounts, users must fund them before they can start trading on OKX. The platform offers multiple cryptocurrencies that you can use to make deposits on their accounts, with minimum amounts varying depending on the currency used (10 USDT or equivalents). 

To proceed with this stage, users need to select the “Assets” tab, which will open up a menu where they can choose “deposit” to make the payment from their preferred cryptocurrency wallets directly into OKX's wallet address.

Users need to remember that only transfers of specifically selected cryptocurrencies are allowed for depositing funds into their accounts. 

Start Trading

OKX Review

OKX offers both crypto-to-crypto trading and fiat-to-crypto trading options. For crypto-to-crypto trading, users can start right away once their accounts are funded, whereas for fiat-to-crypto trading, users must go for the “Quick Trade” option, where they can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money. 

After selecting either “Buy” or “Sell,” depending on what they want to do, traders will have to select any supported fiat currency and decide how much cryptocurrency they want to buy or sell using that fiat currency. 

Finally, OKX offers some of the best prices for cryptocurrencies thanks to its third-party services, so traders get maximum value from each trade.

OKX Payment Method

OKX Deposits

The OKX platform allows users to fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies, not fiat currencies. It is possible to purchase various digital currencies directly from the website using a variety of payment methods such as bank account transfers, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, IMPS, or PayPal. 

OKX Review

Alternatively, traders can transfer digital assets from other exchanges or wallets into their OKX account. Once the funds have been deposited, they can start trading in the crypto markets immediately.

In order to help secure users’ funds and protect them against potential cyber threats and malicious attacks, the exchange has implemented several security measures, including multi-signature wallets for enhanced protection and two-factor authentication for added security of user accounts. 

Furthermore, all deposits are stored in cold storage wallets which are kept offline and away from any potential online risks.

OKX Withdrawals

OKX allows users to withdraw their preferred cryptocurrencies with a small fee associated with each transaction. A fee of 0.0005 Bitcoin (BTC) is charged for withdrawals of Bitcoin; 0.01 Ethereum (ETH) is charged for withdrawals of Ethereum; and 0.15 Ripple (XRP) is charged for withdrawals of Ripple tokens. 

OKX Review

In addition to this fee, there is also a minimum withdrawal amount specified by each coin which you must meet before a withdrawal request can be processed by the exchange. 

And while OKX claims that all withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours, it may take longer depending on market conditions and blockchain congestion rates at that particular time.

OKX Support

OKX is renowned for its exceptional customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can easily contact the customer support team via phone, email-based ticketing, WhatsApp, or live chat, and it is accessible on both desktop and mobile apps. 

Users of the platform are assured of helpful and timely assistance with any technical or trading issues that may arise. 

The OKX support team comprises knowledgeable professionals who provide expert advice and fast resolution of queries. They understand the complexity of the financial markets and know how important it is to have access to reliable information when making decisions about investing or trading in crypto assets. 

OKX Review

OKX also provides extensive educational resources to help users make informed decisions, such as an FAQ section on their website and detailed trading tutorials. 

In addition to the 24/7 customer service provided by OKX, they also have an active community forum where users can discuss all things related to crypto assets and share insights with each other. 

This forum is moderated by experienced traders who are able to offer valuable advice while allowing users to learn from each other’s mistakes. Furthermore, through this forum, members can also provide feedback on their experiences with OKX, which helps the company strive for excellence in its services. 

Overall, OKX has a comprehensive system in place that makes it easy for traders to contact customer service representatives when needed and provides them with valuable educational resources for mastering the markets. 

With this level of support available around the clock, customers can feel secure knowing that we will quickly answer their queries so they can start focusing on their trades as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

OKX Review

Is your cryptocurrency safe with OKX?

The security of OKX's hot wallet system is of utmost importance, and multiple layers of protection are employed to safeguard users' private keys. 

To prevent any malicious attacks, the company has implemented risk-management systems that are both online and semi-offline, as well as multi signature services. 

In addition, big data risk-reduction systems are used to detect any anomalies in user deposits and withdrawals prior to them being posted on the blockchain for confirmation. 

A key security feature of OKX's system is its use of a semi-offline server that cannot be compromised even if we physically attack it. This is because private keys are stored in the server's temporary memory file instead of a permanent hard drive, making it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access. 

Furthermore, OKX does not rely on traditional Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communication methods like most digital computers; rather, they use their own proprietary network protocol that makes it difficult for anyone to launch an online attack. 

Lastly, there are diversified procedures set in place in case emergencies arise involving the activation of backup, private keys located in different locations across the globe. This provides an extra layer of assurance should something go wrong with the primary security measures already implemented by OKX. 

OKX Review
OKX Review - Powerful All-In-One Crypto Exchange 23

With such comprehensive safety protocols already in place, users can have peace of mind when using OKX's hot wallet system, knowing their funds are secure against potential threats from malicious actors.

Does OKX Require KYC?

OKX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers its users the convenience of digital trading assets without the hassle of going through a cumbersome Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. 

This makes it easier for users to get started with trading without having to worry about spending time completing long forms and providing personal information just to be able to access their accounts. 

However, OKX does have a threshold above which customers must provide KYC information in order to withdraw their funds; this threshold is roughly equivalent to 100 Bitcoins within 24 hours. 

While it is understandable that the exchange has certain measures in place for larger transactions, it still comes as a surprise that they require such high levels of identity verification after allowing users to open an account and begin trading freely without restrictions. 

It also raises questions as to whether this policy complies with current regulations and standards set by regulatory bodies in various countries across the world. 

Nevertheless, as long as customers are aware of this policy beforehand and have the proper paperwork ready when needed, they can easily comply and complete their KYC verifications quickly and effortlessly.

Can US Citizens Use OKX?

OKX is a crypto exchange platform that, unfortunately, cannot serve US customers. The reason for this is due to the stringent regulations of the United States government that surpass even those of the OKX exchange itself. 

Due to their decentralized and anonymous nature, these regulations are rooted in the increased scrutiny of digital currencies and other financial services, making it difficult to track and monitor transactions. 

Furthermore, the US government has yet to create comprehensive laws or guidelines when it comes to cryptocurrencies, making it difficult for OKX to maintain compliance while still serving its US clients. 

Despite these challenges, OKX remains committed to providing its clients with a secure and efficient trading experience even in light of this restriction.


OKX is a great platform for traders of all levels and backgrounds. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with low fees, which makes it ideal for both institutional and retail investors. 

OKX also has many features that can benefit users, such as the ability to trade Bitcoin options, futures, swaps, NFTs, high APYs, and more. Despite its advantages, however, OKX still has some areas where improvements are needed in terms of liquidity, especially when it comes to out-of-the-money option trades. 

All things considered, though, OKX is worth trying out if you’re looking for an integrated platform that supports multiple types of trading activities. With its innovative approach towards blockchain technology plus the backing from one of the largest exchanges in the world today – OKEX – there should be no doubt about OKX being a top choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts everywhere!

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