BitGet’s Affiliate Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to make money outside of trading cryptocurrencies? If so, the Bitget affiliate program might be just what you need! Bitget's platform offers a unique way to earn rewards and commissions without having to trade. With Bitget's affiliate program, users can receive transaction fees plus a percentage of each successful trade made by other members they referred. 

The best part is that there is currently very little competition in this field, so it's easy for new affiliates to start earning quickly. And if your referral uses copy trading, you can make even more money with minimal effort. So if you want to get started making passive income from Bitget today, read on and discover how Bitget's affiliate program works!

How To Earn From Bitget Referral Code Offer?

bitget affiliate program

Bitget is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering a wide range of services to its users. From spot trading to leveraged trading, they offer everything you need when it comes to digital trading assets. 

The Bitget Affiliate Program is an additional benefit that allows users to earn rewards for referring friends and family members to the exchange. 

To get started, first sign up and create an account on Once you've logged in, click on ‘Referral Program,' and you will find your unique invitation code link, which you can share with friends and followers. 

The more people join Bitget through your invitation link, the more rewards you get. As an added bonus, Bitget pays out a 30% commission on every trade your referrals make! 

bitget affiliate program

Signing up for Bitget is super quick and easy – all it takes is a few clicks – and then you're ready to start earning rewards! You could potentially earn up to 3,000 USDT in total from Bitget's referral program, so why not take advantage of this great opportunity? 

There are lots of ways to spread the word about Bitget and attract new users – from word-of-mouth recommendations to advertising campaigns or even social media posts – so don't miss out on this chance to get rewarded!

BitGet's Affiliate Program Commission 

Becoming an affiliate with Bitget can be quite a lucrative opportunity, but it's important to understand the rewards being offered. This is where Bitget stands out from other programs like, as Bitget allows introducer to customize their reward percentages according to what makes sense for their business model. 

bitget affiliate program

However, Bitget does not make this information available publicly, so anyone interested in becoming an affiliate will have to contact Bitget directly for more information about the reward percentage. Once they have all the details sorted out and are ready to register as an affiliate, Bitget requires that you provide both your UID and username in order to complete the registration process. 

By joining Bitget's affiliate program and taking advantage of their customizable rewards structure, you could potentially increase your earnings by even more through asset management. To further optimize potential earnings, Bitget also provides a range of tools and resources that can help affiliates maximize their results through best practices such as advertising campaigns and content marketing strategies. 

bitget affiliate program

Taking full advantage of Bitget's affiliate program has some great potential benefits- not only can you earn additional money through customized rewards percentages, but you can also use the tools they provide to improve your chances of success even further. So if you're looking for a way to boost your income while also having access to helpful resources, then Bitget's Affiliate Program could be right up your alley!

Bitget Affiliate Rules

Conditions for earning rewards

Rewards for Bitget affiliates are calculated based on three factors: new account openings, deposits made by the introducer, and successful transactions. 

bitget affiliate program

In order to be eligible for a reward, the referrer must register with Bitget and make a deposit in order to trigger a transaction. Bitget's affiliate fee is calculated based on the transaction fee multiplied by a commission percentage determined by the top affiliate. 

Target transaction

The types of transactions that qualify for affiliate marketing include in-kind trades, futures trading, and copy trade services. When a successful transaction is completed, the generated reward will be credited to the Bitget account in USDT form with an associated MEMO number. Those interested can check their commission percentage from the Partner Management screen under Partner List.

Reward system

bitget affiliate program

The rewards accumulated through the Bitget affiliate program vary for each individual depending on their performance and efforts put forth in driving new registrations, deposits, and profitable transactions. 

Therefore those who are more active in getting more referrals will be more likely to receive higher commission percentages as compared to those less active in their recruitment efforts. Furthermore, Bitget reserves the right to adjust the commission percentage at any given time should it decide it is necessary due to market changes or internal factors.

BitGet's Affiliate Pros & Cons


bitget affiliate program

The Bitget affiliate program is one of the lesser-known programs available on the market today, but this doesn't make it any less valuable.

It provides a great opportunity to introduce copy trade opportunities to potential clients, and the conditions are easy to understand and reasonable enough to allow for good earning potential.


It should be noted that while Bitget is open to all as an affiliate program, there's still a bit of a barrier to entry in terms of needing approval beforehand. 

bitget affiliate program

Additionally, the commission rate varies according to the introducer's own performance, so those looking to get involved should keep this in mind. That said, Bitget is still an excellent way of making some passive income with relatively low effort if you manage to get approved.

Bitget Affiliate Way

A Bitget account is the first step to becoming part of their affiliate program. After creating an account, you need to contact the top affiliates in order to proceed with the referral procedure. To do this, you should send them your username and UID – both of which can be found on the official website. Once they have received all the required information, they will contact you and provide you with all the login details for your affiliate account.

The process of joining the Bitget affiliate program is quite straightforward:

Step 1 – Open a Bitget Account: You’ll need to open a Bitget account first in order to join the affiliate program. This can be done easily using either a PC or smartphone.

Step 2 – Contact Top Affiliates: To begin with, reach out to some of the leading affiliates by sending them your username and UID via LINE @ or email. This will give them an opportunity to review your profile and decide if you are suitable for their program.

Step 3 – Await Confirmation: Once everything has been approved, the top affiliates will then let you know via email or LINE @ that your application was successful. At this point, they will also send you login details for your new affiliate account so that you can start earning commissions right away.

Bitget Affiliate Summary

Bitget's affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for third parties to register, deposit and trade on the platform, and receive permanent rewards. The rewards consist of both transaction fees and a commission percentage that can be set by the top affiliates.

Furthermore, in order to become an affiliate one must be introduced by a higher-ranking affiliate. This requires a bit of searching to find an affiliate who is willing to give such introductions but it has its advantages since the conditions are quite favourable for earning rewards.

By signing up to the Bitget affiliate program, individuals can enjoy many benefits. It allows them to promote their services with no cost other than a referral fee and they earn income through transaction fees as well as commissions from each successful referral. Additionally, one can also access real-time data analytics which helps them track their performance and understand what strategies are working best for them.

What’s more, they gain access to support staff who provide assistance in setting up campaigns and optimizing promotional materials so that they have greater success with their marketing efforts. All these features make Bitget's affiliate program an attractive option for individuals looking for ways of increasing their income potential.

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