Trendspider Affiliate Program Review: What For You To Wait For?

Partnering with the Trendspider affiliate program, you have the opportunity to use their services and benefit from the revenue they receive from referred customers. TrendSpider to ensure you get the best results of your efforts by providing assistance such as joint webinars, social media marketing campaigns, online advertisements, and more. With comprehensive assistance and a generous affiliate program, you have the opportunity to gain success while helping TrendSpider reach more customers. 

In this Trendspider affiliate program review, you'll know how to monetize your web presence and widen your audience. Let's discover what more you can wait for. 

About Trendspider

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review

Trendspider Overview

For traders looking to make the most of their investments, TrendSpider is a revolutionary tool for technical analysis. Featuring sophisticated algorithms and customizable alert settings, TrendSpider provides users with a range of automated features that can give them an edge when it comes to trading. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, TrendSpider can provide users with insights and notifications that allow them to stay up-to-date on their stocks.

New users may find the learning curve to be a bit steep, as there is no desktop platform option and it can only be used in a single browser at a time. However, TrendSpider offers free one-on-one user training sessions which can help traders get accustomed to the features and make the most of their trading. With personalized alert settings, automated technical analysis, and AI-assisted insights, TrendSpider offers an unbeatable experience for traders looking to stay on top of market trends.

Day trading is no longer exclusive to the wealthy or sophisticated, so TrendSpider's sophisticated software can help take some of the stress away from new investors. Featuring features such as dynamic price alerts, TrendSpider can provide traders with the automated tools they need to make informed decisions and track market trends in real-time. Even experienced traders will be impressed by what TrendSpider has to offer. 

Ultimately, TrendSpider is a great tool for anyone looking to make the most of their investments without spending too much time researching the markets. With automated features and AI-assisted capabilities, TrendSpider can provide investors with an unbeatable technical analysis experience. 

Who Is It Best For?

TrendSpider is a powerful market analysis platform that is designed to assist both novice and experienced investors. It comes with a broad range of features, such as candlestick charting, automated trend lines and advanced technical indicators. Each feature is designed to be user friendly and includes helpful tutorial videos and comprehensive documentation for novice users to make the most of. 

Furthermore, the platform also provides users with access to ongoing training and support through phone, email and live chat; allowing traders to sharpen their analytical skills and thoroughly proof check their work. With the help of TrendSpider, investors of all levels can confidently leverage stock market trends for optimal gains.

Trendspider’s Tools and Platforms

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review

Trendspider is an advanced trading platform designed to help investors stay ahead of the markets. It has a comprehensive suite of features that enable users to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. From automatic trendline detection to automated Fibonacci retracement capabilities, Trendspider provides robust analysis tools for any type of investor.

The automatic trendline detection feature utilizes data-driven algorithms to automatically and accurately place trendlines on a chart. This saves time and allows investors to focus more on their trading decisions than trying to make manual calculations. Additionally, with its customizable charts, users can tailor the platform to suit their own analysis style.

The Fibonacci retracement capabilities offered by Trendspider quickly calculate peaks and troughs and corresponding retracement levels to reduce the amount of time needed for analysis. Furthermore, its advanced candlestick pattern recognition displays over 40 different types in an intuitive interface. Moreover, users can set dynamic price alerts triggered by multi-conditional events and even program “quiet hours” when they don’t want to be notified of changes in the markets.

Finally, Trendspider's multi-timeframe analysis allows investors to view multiple timeframes on a single chart, allowing them to keep track of how different price levels are interacting within a longer-term context. This feature is extremely useful for traders who wish to stay informed of market conditions.

All in all, Trendspider provides a comprehensive set of features that can be used by investors of any level to make better decisions with speed and accuracy. With its automated trendline detection capabilities, customizable charts, Fibonacci retracement tools, candlestick pattern recognition and multi-timeframe analysis, it is an excellent choice for investors looking to stay ahead of the markets.

Trendspider Affiliate Program

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review


TrendSpider's affiliate program is the perfect way for traders to start earning passive income. By referring customers from free trials to paid subscriptions, affiliates can receive up to 30% of the total revenue generated by that customer over their entire lifetime. Furthermore, TrendSpider has a cookie tracking system that lasts for 30 days after someone clicks on an affiliate link. This allows affiliates to still receive a referral, even if the customer does not convert right away. All in all, TrendSpider's affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for traders to gain extra income.

Base Commission10% – 30% recurring commission
Commission TypeCPS
Minimum Payment$50
Payment FrequencyMonthly Net-30
Payment MethodPayPal
Tracking SoftwareFirstPromoter
Cookie Length365 days

Pros & Cons

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review


-Commissions are paid on successful referrals which have met specific criteria. 

-Affiliates can receive custom commission rates in exchange for a referral commitment. 

-Notice of termination is given if either party wishes to terminate the agreement. 


-Commission payments may be held up to 60 days for verification purposes, posing a potential cash flow issue for affiliates. 

-TrendSpider reserves the right to cancel any commissions earned improperly or through fraudulent means.  

-The terms of this agreement may be modified at any time with 14 days notice from TrendSpider.

Affiliate Network

If you're interested in becoming an affiliate of our network, you'll need to apply at We will carefully review your application and promptly let you know if it's been accepted or rejected. For US residents, we may require additional information such as a Social Security Number or Tax ID number in order to properly report any commission payments. 

This is all done at our discretion and for whatever reason, we reserve the right to accept or reject your application.

How It Works

TrendSpider's unique tracking codes provide an effective way to earn commission through. By placing the code in the website's HTML or sharing it on social media, you can direct visitors to and potentially earn a commission when they open an account within the next 365 days. To ensure our automated system tracks each sale correctly, it is important that the visitor clicks on your tracking link, has cookies and javascript enabled in their browser, and has not cleared their cookies before placing the order. In case automated tracking fails for any reason, please contact TrendSpider Affiliate Support at to earn commission for this referral.

Why Trendspider Affiliate?

Are you looking for a way to make money while helping others get the most out of their investments? Joining Trendspider’s affiliate program is an excellent way to do just that. With this program, you can earn between 10% and 30% of the recurring revenue from any customers who sign up after clicking your affiliate link or using your unique coupon code. Plus, with our 365 day tracking pixels and extensive marketing support services, you are sure to maximize your earnings. 

Generous Revenue Share 

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a significant portion of the recurring revenue from customers referred through their affiliate link or unique coupon code. With this program, you can earn up to 30% of the total revenue generated from customers signed up with your referral link. This means that affiliates can receive between 10% and 30% of the recurring revenue. 

365 day and refresh tracking

As an affiliate, you have the chance to receive a considerable share of the recurring revenue generated from customers referred through your unique link or coupon code. In addition to being able to earn up to 30% of the total revenue earned, you can also benefit from our 365-day tracking pixel. It means that you will be correct for all customers you refer, even if they take more than a year to make their decision. So start earning today!  Promote our products and services and enjoy the rewards! 

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review

Easy integration with social media accounts

It’s another great benefit of joining Trendspider's affiliate program. If you connect your Trendspider account with another charting account then all charts shared on social media automatically embed your tracking code – giving you the chance to earn money simply by sharing charts. Plus, with our well above average conversion rate, your chances of success are even higher. 

With our Trendspider affiliate program, you can easily start earning commissions just by sharing charts on your social media accounts! All you have to do is connect your affiliate account with your TrendSpider charting account and automatically embed your tracking code in any charts you share. This way, you will receive credit for customers who sign up with the referral link in your chart. 

Free of charge and attractive conversion rate

The Trendspider Affiliate Program provides an amazing opportunity to earn commissions without incurring any risk. Joining our program is completely free, so there's no financial commitment required to start earning rewards. Furthermore, our approach of combining a top-notch product with a smart marketing strategy results in web visitor-to-trial and trial-to-paid conversion rates that greatly exceed industry standards. So take advantage of this great opportunity and start earning rewards today!  

One-on-one services

As a Trendspider Affiliate, you have access to a wide array of services and benefits that can help maximize your earnings. Joining the program is absolutely free and brings no risk whatsoever, so it is an excellent way to start earning rewards without making any financial commitment. Furthermore, we offer dedicated one-on-one customer service and program management to ensure that both parties receive the best possible outcome. 

Extensive marketing support 

The Trendspider Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to start generating a passive income from your social media accounts. With our program, you can join at no cost, while enjoying extensive marketing support services that can help you get the most out of your referrals. Our team will provide joint webinars, social media marketing cover, online ad campaigns, and more to ensure that you get the best results possible. So join us today and start earning with TrendSpider! With our help, you can maximize your earnings while promoting our products and services. 

Commission Structure

Affiliates can be rewarded for successful referrals, which include customers who purchase a TrendSpider Trader (Pro or Elite) subscription service, are active users for the requisite number of days, and have their payments processed in full. However, due to the potential for credit card fraud, affiliate commission fraud, and high cancellation rates, TrendSpider must delay payment of commissions for up to 60 days. Additionally, TrendSpider reserves the right to investigate the authenticity of orders on an individual basis and reclaim or cancel any commission earned through fraudulent means or if customers are refunded. 

Let’s go into detail how the commission rates are applied differently to different programs:

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review: What For You To Wait For? 9

Payment Terms

Pay periods at TrendSpider are 30 days long and commissions are paid out within a maximum of 60 days after they have been awarded, allowing us to properly evaluate each order and ensure its validity. If, however, the order is unable to be verified in this time period, then TrendSpider reserves the right to cancel the commission with documentation that details the reason for cancellation. The commission rates are available on and can be updated at any time. Custom commissions may be given in exchange for a referral commitment and these will be reflected in an affiliate's account settings.

How To Apply For An Trendspider Affiliate Account

Step 1: Go to the TrendSpider Customer Referral Program page. Enter in your email address, first name, last name, website (required), company name, country of residence, phone number and password for account creation. To maximize potential referral bonuses and rewards, fill out the additional social media profiles fields for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Your account is now ready to start earning rewards! 

Step 2: Read and agree to the affiliate terms (mandatory) before pressing the Sign Up button. You have the option of also opting in to receive email notifications regarding commissions earned, as well as other updates related to the affiliate program.

Step 3: After you submit your application, you will be directed to a “Thank You” page.

Trendspider Affiliate Program Rules and Regulations

Trendspider Affiliate Program Review

The TrendSpider Affiliate Program is designed to reward affiliates located in the United States who engage in marketing activities to promote the TrendSpider product. In order to ensure that all payments are correctly processed, affiliates must provide TrendSpider with their most current contact information and submit a W-9 tax form for reporting purposes. 

TrendSpider takes privacy and security seriously, and affiliates must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Promote the TrendSpider product honestly and accurately without misrepresenting risks or rewards associated with trading.
  • Include a risk disclaimer when marketing the TrendSpider platform to remind users to invest wisely and conduct their own research before making any decisions. 
  • Refrain from using misleading or inaccurate trading performance information.
  • Avoid making income promises or offering performance guarantees when marketing the TrendSpider product.
  • Be transparent with trade ideas and when claiming to be trading openly in public. 
  • Read and understand the Affiliate Program Rules, Terms & Conditions, as well as our Terms of Service and Disclaimers.
  • Provide verification of claims, if requested by TrendSpider. 
  • Suspend payments to any affiliates who violate these policies.
  • Terminate and forfeit payments for termination for cause under the affiliate program rules. 
  • Cooperate with TrendSpider’s reviews in order to maintain good standing in this program. 
  • Keep all review information gathered by TrendSpider confidential. 
  • Provide TrendSpider with their correct and up-to-date contact information, as well as submit a W-9 form before payments can be issued. 
  • In addition, affiliates are expected to abide by these rules at all times to ensure successful participation in the program. Failure to comply with the Affiliate Program Rules may result in suspension or termination of payments.


How can I join the TrendSpider Affiliate Program?

You can join the TrendSpider Affiliate Program by connecting your affiliate account with your TrendSpider charting account, and automatically embedding your tracking code in any charts you share. 

Is there a cost to joining the TrendSpider Affiliate program?

No, joining the program is completely free of charge and does not incur any financial commitment from you. 

What services are offered to affiliates? 

As an affiliate, you have access to one-on-one customer service and extensive marketing support such as joint webinars, social media cover, online ad campaigns and more.  

What commission structure does the Trendspider Affiliate Program use? 

The commission rates for successful referrals (customers who purchase Pro Trader or Elite Trader subscriptions) vary depending on whether it's a monthly or yearly plan they sign up for and are available on  Custom commissions may also be given in exchange for a referral commitment that will be reflected in an affiliate's account settings as well.  

How long are payment periods? 

Payment periods at TrendSpider last 30 days, allowing us time to properly evaluate each order and ensure its validity.  Commissions will be paid out within a maximum of 60 days after they are awarded.

Can commissions be clawed-back or canceled? 

Yes. Due to the prevalence of credit card fraud, affiliate commission fraud and high cancellation rates, TrendSpider reserves the right to claw-back or cancel commissions earned through fraudulent means or if customers are refunded.  

Is there a minimum threshold for payment of commissions? 

No, there is no minimum threshold for payment of commissions. 

How can I check my commission rate? 

You can check your commission rate by visiting 

Are custom commissions offered? 

Yes, custom commissions may be given in exchange for a referral commitment and will be reflected in an affiliate’s account settings.

Are there any benefits to becoming an affiliate? 

Yes, TrendSpider affiliates have access to one-on-one customer service and extensive marketing support such as joint webinars, social media cover, online ad campaigns and more.  Additionally, affiliates earn commission on successful referrals (customers who purchase Pro Trader or Elite Trader subscriptions).  


TrendSpider’s affiliate program provides an easy way for traders to earn passive income by simply sharing their link with other traders. With the help of cookies, your affiliate link will be stored in a trader's web browser for 30 days and if they convert from a free trial to a paid subscription within this time frame, you can receive a portion of their revenue generated over the lifetime of that customer. Now is the perfect time to sign up as an affiliate partner and start earning extra cash! So why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity today?

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