Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review: Safe And Legal Way To Monetize Your Content

TON.Place, an innovative social network affiliated with the Telegram messenger and cryptocurrency TON, has been gaining traction in recent months. It offers users the ability to make paid access to individual messages and content similar to OnlyFans and Patreon – but with a twist: all payments are made using their native TON cryptocurrency. 

With its affiliate program offering rewards of 5% for friends' payments, it's no wonder that other popular social networks such as TikTok and Instagram have followed suit by creating their own paid subscription services. Despite strong competition from existing products around the world, only time will tell how successful this new venture will be; Google's attempts at creating its own social network ended in failure after all!

This TON.Place Affiliate Program Review will show us how it's been standing out so far!

About Ton.Place

Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review


Ton.Place is a social network that has made a name for itself by catering to the exclusive content needs of creators and audiences. With entertaining and erotic content, private subscriptions, paid content in private messages, and tips available for payment using various bank cards and cryptocurrencies like TON, BTC, and USDT, Ton.Place has something to offer everyone. According to the SSL check, the certificate is valid and DNSFilter considers this website safe.

Flashstart did not find any malware or phishing activities. While it is a bit concerning that the website's owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service, and there are several low rated websites on the same server, overall Ton.Place appears to be a safe and reliable platform for creators and audiences alike. There are even some positive reviews of the website, which is a good sign that this service is worth checking out.


– Offers entertaining and erotic content

– Has private subscriptions paid content in private messages

– Payment can be made using a variety of bank cards and cryptocurrencies such as TON, BTC, USDT

– Certificate is valid according to the SSL check 

– DNSFilter considers this website safe 

– No malware or phishing activities found 


– Website owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service

– There are several low rated websites on the same server 

– Several negative reviews were found for this site.

Quick Review 

The owner of the website has chosen to hide their identity, meaning that spammers can use this information to their advantage by promoting services to website owners who do not publicly display contact details. Our algorithm assesses potential sites based on their level of transparency, and will assign a higher rating if the website's owner is identifiable.

To protect our users, we take great care to check the identity of website owners before giving any high reviews or ratings. However, as a result of the anonymity surrounding, our algorithm has given a low rating. 

Upon inspection, we discovered several unreliable websites hosted on the same server as, which may serve as a warning sign and lead to an altered review score. To explore any other sites that are sharing the same server, please consult our “Server” tab for more information. 

We were pleased to find that has a valid SSL Certificate in place. This certificate is used to safeguard communication between computers and the website, with varying levels of security depending on the service employed. Free options exist, though this can sometimes be exploited by malicious sources; however, not having an SSL certificate at all is worse than having one, particularly when entering personal data. 

Different Persons on Ton.Place

  • A Creator is a.Place user who has set up their account to publish content for others to view. 
  • A Subscriber is a Ton.Place user who is subscribed to a Creator, and/or can access the Creator's Content.
  • Subscriber/Creator Transactions occur when a Subscriber pays to view content from a Creator, or when any other type of transaction between the two takes place.
  • Subscriber Payment is money paid by the Subscriber to the Creator for access to their content. 
  • An Inviting User is someone who participates in Ton.Place's referral program. 
  • A Subscription allows a Subscriber to access content from a Creator either for free or with payment, and can be a one-month or indefinite subscription.
  • A Sponsor (personal) Subscription is when the Subscriber pays access to certain types of paid from the Creator. 
  • Any user on Ton.Place – whether they are Creators, Subscribers, or both – is a User. 

Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review

Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review


The Ton.Place Referral Program is an innovative way of maximizing income for users and models in the adult entertainment industry. It provides users with a 5% commission for each user who signs up through their referral link and a 100% commission for every Ton.Place Erotic subscription purchased by a referred customer, allowing them to make significant earnings. 

For models, it offers a 5% commission of their income for 180 days after they've registered through the referral link, ensuring that they get increased profits over time. The program is an embedded SFS system designed to promote 3 times more return traffic and makes sure users don't have to search for other models with appropriate audiences. 

With the Ton.Place Referral Program, the adult entertainment industry can benefit from increased earnings and improved customer satisfaction.

Pros & Cons


– Generates increased income for users and models in the adult entertainment industry.

– 5% commission for each user who signs up through referral link and 100% commission for each Ton.Place Erotic subscription purchased.

– Model offered a 5% of their income during 180 days from registration date 

– Embedded SFS system designed to promote 3 times more return traffic 


– No information available on fees or costs associated with the program. 

– No guarantee of return on investment for users and models using the program. 

– Potential for low conversion rates due to excessive competition in the adult entertainment industry. 

How It Works

Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review

If you're an influencer or content creator with a strong following on social media, the Ton.Place Erotic referral link program can help you increase your traffic and gain new paying followers. Through this system, you can post a referral link to your audience, who then sign up for either a sponsorship or general subscription to Ton.Place Erotic. 

We'll promote your posts and profile among existing paying users, helping you reach the number of conversions required for you to benefit from the program. For instance, if 10 of your followers sign up for subscriptions, we'll keep promoting your profile until 30 more people take related conversion actions with regards to you. 

The referral link program helps maximize traffic to your page by targeting potential customers who have already proven their ability and willingness to pay for services like this. Those who convert do so because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to offer, making them reliable sources of revenue for your brand or business. Moreover, it provides another layer of assurance that these fans are likely to engage with and support the content that you create.

How To Refer Ton.Place

Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review

When referencing Ton.Place, you must do so in an honest and legal way that does not damage our reputation or use it for your own benefit. You may not post a link in such a manner as to suggest any association or approval from our side. 

Creators who promote their Creator accounts must adhere to our Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms of other websites that they share links with. Additionally, they must not use Ton.Place’s name or the impression of being sanctioned by us if that is not the case. 

Ton.Place also includes external links to sites and resources provided by third parties; these are solely meant to be a convenience for users. Any link should not be seen as being approved or sponsored by us. We have no control over the content of these sites/resources and are therefore not responsible for any losses or damages incurred from using them. If you choose to access any of these third-party websites linked to Ton.Place, you assume all risks and will abide by the website's respective terms of use. 

If you are found to be in breach of any of the above, we reserve the right to take appropriate action. This can include removing links or content, suspending your account and/or reporting you to the relevant authorities if necessary. By using Ton.Place, you agree that you understand and accept these terms. 

In accordance with these terms, should someone choose to reference Ton.Place they must do so ethically and legally without damaging our reputation or benefitting from our name. Creators must also abide by all of the Terms & Conditions as well as the terms of other websites when promoting their accounts.

Furthermore, users should not assume any form of endorsement or sponsorship from us for third-party links included on our website.  Failure to adhere to these terms can result in the removal of content, suspension of an account or even a report to relevant authorities if needed.  By using Ton.Place, you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.


Ton.Place Affiliate Program Review

If you refer a user to Ton.Place, you will be rewarded handsomely. All purchases they make within the first 90 days of their registration will earn you 5% of the total cost, including Erotic subscription fees. This percentage can vary depending on the region and special offers available. 

If one of your referrals is a model, you will get 5% of their total income for the following 180 days after their registration. These bonus funds are added directly to your balance in TON cryptocurrency for easy use and access.


What is Ton.Place?

Ton.Place is a website with a positive trust score based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources. 

Is it safe to use Ton.Place?

Websites that score 80% or higher are considered generally safe to use, and 100% being very safe. It's recommended to still do your own vetting of each new website before using it or leaving contact information there. 

How can I recognize a scam website?

You can refer to the article “How To Recognize A Scam Website” for help in creating your own opinion about the legitimacy of a certain website. 

Does Ton Place offer any referral programs? 

Yes, Ton Place offers a referral program where users who sign up via you will receive 5% of all user's purchases during 90 days from registration time, and models who register through you get 5% from their income during 180 days from registration time. 

Are there any guarantees when using the referral system?

Thanks to hundreds of models participating in Ton Place's referral program, and the continuous purchase of traffic by Ton.Place from various sources, they can guarantee the return of traffic. 

How long should I wait for subscribers? 

Depends on the time of day your profile – the better you design it and post quality content, the faster people will subscribe to you. 

Do I get bonus traffic if invited persons purchase a subscription from other models? 

Yes, bonus traffic is credited to your balance regardless who or which subscription the person purchased. 

Will my traffic decrease if many models participate in the referral program?

No, the more models participating in the referral program, the faster bonus subscribers will come. 

How can I start using Ton Place's referral system? 

You can copy your referral link and follow the statistics at the link 

Is there a way to track how many people signed up with my referral link? 

Yes, you can use your unique referral link to check how many people have registered and purchased subscriptions through it. You can also view all related payment information from your dashboard.

What if the invited person does not buy a subscription from me but only from another model?

Regardless of which model the invited person chooses, or what type of subscription they purchase, you will still be rewarded for introducing them to the platform. This bonus traffic is provided as a gesture of appreciation for your efforts in bringing new customers to the site. The bonus does not depend on whether your referral buys a subscription from you specifically, but rather that they become an active member of the platform. This serves as an incentive to promote and share the platform with everyone you know in order to maximize the benefits available to each user.

If many models participate in the referral program, will I stop getting traffic?

Ton.Place, we offer a rewarding referral program that can help you increase your traffic quickly and easily. By simply sharing your referral link, you'll be able to bring in bonus subscribers at an accelerated rate. Moreover, the more models use our system, the more effective this process will be. It just takes a few clicks to copy and share your personal link and keep track of your performance through the included metrics dashboard. Start taking advantage of it now and give yourself the opportunity to see your audience grow!


Overall, Ton.Place has an average to good trust score and appears to be a legitimate website that is safe to use. The positive review of the website is based on its SSL certificate being valid, DNSFilter considering it as safe, and Flashstart not finding any malware or phishing activities. However, there are some negative highlights such as the owner hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service, low rated websites found on the same server, and several mainly negative reviews for this site. 

For those looking to take advantage of their referral program, you can earn 5% from all user purchases during 90 days from registration or 100% from Erotic subscription payments (price varies depending on region). All funds will be credited in TON cryptocurrency into your balance.

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