Tomtop Affiliate Program Review – What You Need To Know

Are you looking to make money online? Tomtop affiliate program review is one of the most popular and successful ways to do so. With this program, you can earn commissions from sales generated by your website or blog. You'll get access to a wide range of products at competitive prices, plus exclusive discounts and promotions that will help boost your earnings even further. Plus, with their easy-to-use tracking system, it's never been easier to keep track of your progress and success! 

Imagine having an extra stream of income coming in each month without any additional effort on your part – that's what Tomtop's affiliate program can offer you! With no setup fees or hidden costs, it’s a great way for anyone looking for financial freedom to start making money online. Sign up now for the Tomtop Affiliate Program and start earning today!

Tomtop Affiliate Program Overview

About Tomtop Affiliate Program

tomtop affiliate program review

Tomtop is a Chinese online retailer that offers a wide range of products, from electronics to home and garden supplies. The company's affiliate program provides an opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions when they refer customers to purchase products through the Tomtop website. With the Tomtop Affiliate Program, affiliates have access to various banners, text links, product feeds, and more to help promote Tomtop products.

Tomtop pays out 8% commissions on every referred sale. Affiliates can also benefit from a 90-day cookie period, which allows them to earn commissions for sales that occur up to 90 days after their initial referral. This additional time gives affiliates the opportunity to maximize their earnings.

Tomtop also offers a comprehensive tracking system to help affiliates keep track of their sales and commissions. Affiliates can log in to view their tracks, clicks, impressions, and conversions.

The affiliate program has a dedicated support team that is eager to assist affiliates with any questions or issues they may have. Additionally, Tomtop provides affiliates access to promotional materials such as banner ads, text links, newsletters, product feeds, and more. 

About Tomtop Affiliate Program Service

tomtop affiliate program review

Tomtop Affiliate Program Service is a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn money by promoting the products of, a leading online retailer specializing in consumer electronics, apparel, home décor, and more. Through the affiliate program, partners can earn commission when customers make purchases through their unique links. These links are tracked by our system, and commission earned can be viewed in real-time through a secure website. 

Plus, with our competitive commissions and the variety of products available for promotion, affiliates can easily monetize their traffic and increase their income. With Tomtop Affiliate Program Service, you have everything you need to get started quickly, including easy registration process, comprehensive tracking and reporting, and access to our support team for help with any questions or issues. 

At Tomtop, we are committed to helping affiliates succeed in their business and provide the best service possible. Join the Tomtop Affiliate Program Service today and start earning commissions!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tomtop Affiliate Program? 


tomtop affiliate program review

Tomtop's affiliate program offers a number of advantages to those who are considering taking part in it.

  • One of the biggest benefits is that it allows participants to earn a commission for referring customers to Tomtop, without having to make any upfront investment.
  • The commission structure is also quite generous, with top affiliates earning up to 10% of total sales generated through their referral links. 
  • Tomtop provides comprehensive product data feeds and real-time statistics on sales activity, helping affiliates to track the performance of their campaigns easily.
  • Tomtop offers a wide range of promotional materials, including banners and text links in various sizes that can be used to help drive referrals and increase sales. 


  • One potential disadvantage of the Tomtop Affiliate Program is that it does not support tracking via sub-IDs. This means that affiliates cannot track performance on a deeper level, such as by keywords or targeting specific customers.
  • Additionally, while the commission rates are generous, they are not particularly competitive compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Finally, while Tomtop offers a wide range of promotional materials, these are somewhat limited in terms of design and may not appeal to all types of affiliates. 

Overall, the Tomtop Affiliate Program can be a great way for affiliates to make money through referrals but it does have some drawbacks which should be taken into consideration before joining. 

Tomtop Affiliate Program: Payment Methods

tomtop affiliate program review

The Tomtop affiliate program offers multiple payment methods for affiliates. These payment methods include PayPal, bank wire transfer, Western Union and more.

PayPal is the most popular and convenient option for many affiliates, as this payment method allows affiliates to receive their commissions quickly and securely. With PayPal, affiliates can access their earnings almost instantly after they have been processed. 

Bank wire transfer is also a reliable and secure option for affiliates, although it can take longer to receive payment. Western Union is another option available in certain countries, allowing affiliates to get their commissions within days of the request being made.

Finally, Tomtop also offers Alipay as an additional payment option for affiliates located in China. No matter which payment method is chosen, affiliates can always be sure that they will receive their commissions quickly and securely. 

Tomtop also offers a generous commission rate for each affiliate sign up or sale made through the program. Affiliates can also take advantage of additional marketing tools to help increase their earnings, as well as access to real-time reporting. With so many payment options and benefits, it is no wonder why the Tomtop affiliate program is so popular. 

Additionally, affiliates have access to expert support from their dedicated account manager who can provide assistance and guidance whenever needed. With a combination of reliable payments, generous commission rates and quality customer service, the Tomtop Affiliate Program provides an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn money online. 

Tomtop Affiliate Program: Commission

tomtop affiliate program review

The Tomtop affiliate program offers a great opportunity for anyone interested in earning extra income. Through the program, affiliates can earn commissions of up to 8% on products sold through their website. This commission is based on the price of the item sold and does not include shipping fees or taxes. As an example, if an affiliate sells a product that costs $50, they will earn a commission of $4. 

In addition to the 8% commission rate, Tomtop also offers bonuses for high-performing affiliates. These bonuses include an additional 1% commission and bonus points that can be redeemed for cash or store credit.

Affiliates can also participate in exclusive promotions and contests which  further increase their potential earnings. It is important to note that these bonuses and promotions are subject to change at any time without notice. 

Overall, the Tomtop affiliate program offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to make some extra money from home. With an easy-to-use platform and generous commission rates, it's no wonder so many people are choosing to join the Tomtop affiliate program. 

Tomtop Affiliate Program: Key Features

Content Discovery

tomtop affiliate program review

Write an article about the content discovery feature of the Tomtop Affiliate Program. Explore how this program helps affiliates to find and promote products from Tomtop's extensive product range. Learn how it uses data analytics to curate recommendations of products that affiliates can add to their website.

Discuss how this helps affiliates maximize their revenue by promoting relevant items on their website. Explain how it also helps Tomtop increase its visibility and reach on the web by providing affiliates with an easy-to-use content discovery platform. 

Commission Structure

Tomtop's affiliate program offers commission structures that are designed to be attractive for partners. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a base rate of up to 8% for each item sold, depending on the product category. In addition, Tomtop provides monthly performance bonuses of up to 5%, and other bonuses such as high-volume sales commissions. 

Affiliates can also take advantage of Tomtop's promotional materials, including banners, text links and product images that can be used to drive traffic to the Tomtop site. The more successful affiliates are also eligible for additional rewards, such as exclusive deals or bonus commissions. 

Influencer Discovery

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Influencer Discovery is an important part of the tomtop affiliate program. With this tool, affiliates can easily identify influencers who have a large online presence and engage with their target audience. The tool provides a variety of metrics to help affiliates make an informed decision when choosing an influencer to work with. 

For example, tomtop’s Influencer Discovery tool provides data on follower count, average engagement rate, and post frequency for each influencer. This helps affiliates decide which influencers are the most suitable for their campaigns. Additionally, the tool also tracks the performance of an influencer’s previous collaborations with other brands and offers insights into their success rate.  

With the help of Influencer Discovery, affiliates can quickly and easily identify influencers who are likely to have a positive impact on their campaigns. This ultimately helps them maximize their reach and ensure that they deliver the best results for their clients.


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Composer is the powerful affiliate marketing platform from Tomtop. It's designed for publishers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in mind to help them maximize their earnings while promoting products from Tomtop. With Composer, users can access multiple marketing tools such as coupon codes, product feeds, shopping ads, and link cloaking. It also supports global tracking and reporting, so users can easily see how their campaigns are performing across different countries. 

Composer is a powerful affiliate marketing platform developed by Tomtop, a leading online retailer specializing in consumer electronics. With Composer, affiliates can create their own custom-tailored campaigns, track and analyze performance in real-time, and optimize campaigns to maximize profitability. 

Composer provides the tools and resources necessary for affiliates to easily identify and partner with the top performing campaigns across multiple channels. Through its intuitive dashboard, affiliates can quickly monitor the performance of their campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

Composer also enables affiliates to track conversions by device, location and performance, which provides insights into the effectiveness of campaigns. Additionally, affiliates can utilize advanced tracking features such as remarketing tags and dynamic creative optimization to further increase conversions. 

Additionally, Composer lets users track the performance of their affiliates and offers a wide range of powerful analytics tools to help them better understand their marketing efforts. With all these features combined, Tomtop's Composer is an invaluable tool for any affiliate marketer or publisher.


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The Planner of the Tomtop Affiliate Program is an innovative platform designed to help affiliates maximize their earning potential. This program offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help affiliates create successful campaigns and manage their affiliate relationships. 

The Planner provides several features to help affiliates succeed in their affiliate endeavors. It includes a tracking system that allows affiliates to monitor their performance and review customer data. This feature enables affiliates to quickly identify areas for improvement or opportunities for growth in their affiliate program. The Planner also includes a detailed commission structure, allowing affiliates to set up specific rates depending on the traffic they generate. 

The Planner offers an intuitive dashboard which allows affiliates to easily manage all aspects of their affiliate campaigns. This includes managing creatives, tracking sales and conversions, monitoring payments and customer service. 

The Planner also provides detailed reporting tools that allow affiliates to quickly assess performance data. The reporting system gives real-time updates on campaigns, helping affiliates stay informed about the progress of their program. Furthermore, affiliates can easily access data to measure the success of their campaigns and make informed decisions.

Content Insights

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Content Insights is an integral component of the Tomtop affiliate program. It provides users with a comprehensive view of how their affiliates are performing, so they can better optimize their campaigns and make more informed decisions.

Content Insights enables affiliates to track performance metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and revenue generated from their campaigns. It also provides detailed reports and analytics on each affiliate, so users can easily drill down into individual performance. 

Content Insights also offers a range of features such as A/B testing to help affiliates optimize their campaigns for maximum success. Additionally, it provides insights into the effectiveness of different content types and promotional strategies. With all of these features combined, Content Insights is a powerful tool to help affiliates maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

Content Insights also works in tandem with other Tomtop affiliate features such as Fraud Detection and Commission Monitoring, providing users with an even more comprehensive view of how their affiliates are performing. By combining all of these components into one platform, Tomtop makes it easy for users to manage their affiliate program and guarantee a successful business. 

Tomtop Affiliate Program Review: How To Join?

How To Register On Tomtop Affiliate Program?

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The Tomtop Affiliate Program is an ideal way to earn passive income by promoting the products offered by the popular online store. To join the program, you must first register with a valid email address and website URL. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a unique referral code that identifies you as an affiliate. 

You can then promote Tomtop products on your website, blog, or social media accounts and earn commission for every purchase made via your referral link. You will also have access to high-resolution product images and text links to help you make the most out of your marketing efforts. All approved affiliates also receive regular promotional materials such as banners, coupons, and discounts to help keep customers engaged and loyal. 

Tomtop also offers helpful tracking tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time. This lets you adjust your strategies and increase the effectiveness of your promotions for maximum profits. Additionally, Tomtop provides an intuitive dashboard with detailed reporting on traffic sources, conversion rate, clicks, sales, and commissions. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable and profitable way to monetize your website, blog, or social media accounts, the Tomtop Affiliate Program is an excellent choice. To get started with this program, simply register by visiting the Tomtop affiliate website and fill in the required information. Once accepted into the program, you can begin promoting Tomtop products and earning commissions. Good luck!

What Are The Requirements Of The Tomtop Affiliate Program?

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The Tomtop Affiliate Program is a great way for independent marketers, content creators and influencers to earn commissions on their product recommendations. To qualify as an affiliate, you must meet the following criteria: 

1. You must be 18 years of age or older. 

2. You must have an active PayPal account in good standing. 

3. You must operate an active website or social media account with a valid URL and updated content. 

4. Your website or social media accounts should have at least 1000 followers/subscribers. 

5. You must be willing to complete the Tomtop Affiliate Program onboarding process, including submitting all required documents and providing a valid tax identification number. 

Once approved, you'll be able to access the Tomtop Affiliate Program dashboard to create product links, track sales performance, earn commissions on product purchases, and more. You can also use various marketing resources provided by Tomtop Affiliates to help you increase your earnings. With the right approach, you can start earning commissions on your product recommendations within minutes of joining the program. Start today and join the Tomtop Affiliate Program to become part of our successful affiliate network! 

Tomtop Affiliate Program Pricing Plans

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Tomtop’s affiliate program features a range of pricing plans that offer potential affiliates the opportunity to earn revenue by promoting products from the company’s vast catalog. Participation in the program is available in three main tiers: Standard, Premium, and Elite. 

  • Standard Plan: The Standard plan allows affiliates to promote products from Tomtop on their website or blog and benefit from a commission rate of up to 10%. This plan also comes with access to the company’s advertising banners, product images, discounts codes, and affiliate links. 
  • Premium Plan: The Premium plan offers affiliates a higher commission rate of up to 15%, as well as access to more promotional materials. With this plan affiliates also gain the ability to track their sales and commissions in real time, and take advantage of Tomtop’s exclusive offers. 
  • Elite Plan: The Elite plan is designed for those who want the best from the program. Affiliates on this plan will have access to all the features of the Premium plan, as well as an increased commission rate of up to 20%. They also get priority support from Tomtop’s affiliate team and can take advantage of special offers. 

Regardless of the plan chosen, affiliates are responsible for their own website or blog hosting fees, taxes, and other related expenses. Furthermore, all plans are subject to Tomtop’s terms and conditions. To be an eligible affiliate, applicants must comply with the company’s policies and have a valid website or blog. 

Tomtop’s affiliate program is free to join and offers affiliates the potential for significant earning potential when promoting the company’s products. With its wide range of pricing plans, affiliates can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. 

FAQs About Tomtop Affiliate Program Review

tomtop affiliate program review

What Is The Tomtop Affiliate Program? 

The Tomtop Affiliate Program is a partnership program offered by Tomtop that allows members to earn commission when they refer users to purchase products from the Tomtop website. Through this program, affiliates can generate income by referring customers to Tomtop and receiving a commission for each successful sale. 

How Does The Tomtop Affiliate Program Work? 

Once you have become a registered member of the Tomtop Affiliate Program, you will be provided with unique links and promotional codes to share on your website or social media platforms. When someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase from Tomtop, you will receive a commission for the sale. 

How Much Commission Can I Earn With The Tomtop Affiliate Program? 

The amount of commission earned through the Tomtop Affiliate Program depends on the product category and type of referral. Generally, affiliates are able to earn up to 8% of the sale price when referring customers to Tomtop. 

What Types Of Promotional Materials Are Available To Affiliates? 

Tomtop provides a range of promotional materials and tools including banners, text links, coupons and deep-linking to assist affiliates in promoting Tomtop products. Additionally, affiliates can access their performance reports on the Tomtop Affiliate Program Dashboard to keep track of their commission earnings. 


The tomtop affiliate program review provides a great opportunity for marketers to earn extra income by promoting their products online. With its generous commission structure, wide selection of quality goods and services, as well as reliable customer support team, it is no surprise that TomTop has become one of the most popular affiliate programs in the industry today.

By partnering with them, you can easily increase your sales revenue while providing customers with access to high-quality items at affordable prices. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced marketer looking to expand into new markets – start earning more money through TomTop's excellent affiliate program today!

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