Lodgify Review: Features, Pricing, & Everything Else You Need To Know

Listing your property on multiple sites can be a great way to generate more rental income, but it also means having to manage reservations across several sites and ensure there are no double bookings. One of the best solutions for this is investing in a channel manager, such as Lodgify. With Lodgify's vacation rental website design and their integrated channel manager system, you'll be able to benefit from increased revenue while reducing the workload of your STR business.

We've been using Lodgify ourselves in our own vacation rental business for a number of years and have gained first-hand knowledge and experience with how it works. Our review of Lodgify reflects our belief that they are indispensable when it comes to successful short-term rental operations. Not only will you get access to powerful tools, but you'll also be able to manage all your listings without needing to switch between different websites or platforms.

About Lodgify

Lodgify review

Lodgify is an all-in-one rental business platform that provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions for vacation rental, short-term, and long-term property owners. Lodgify offers easy to use and powerful tools to manage your entire rental business from one place, allowing you to list on multiple channels, create custom websites and take bookings from guests directly.

Lodgify also provides a wide range of features to help property owners run their businesses more efficiently, including a booking engine for direct reservations and channel management tools for listing on multiple channels. Additionally, Lodgify offers integrations with third-party solutions such as property management software and payment systems, as well as automated marketing tools and analytics to optimize your rental operation.

Who is Lodgify Not For?

Lodgify review

Lodgify is an excellent solution for many hosts, but there are two scenarios where it may not be the ideal choice. 

For part-time hosts who are looking to rent out their space on a limited basis, allocating the time and resources necessary to create their own website might simply not be feasible. 

Similarly, if you're renting out a spare room in your home, having a dedicated website may not be necessary due to the limited information that needs to be conveyed about the property. 

In such cases, using Lodgify would be unnecessary and other options should be explored.

Lodgify Features

Lodgify review

Reservations & Property Management

Lodgify is a powerful platform that makes it easy to manage reservations, property management, and build a website for your business. With Lodgify you can easily create an online presence with a customized site that allows you to accept bookings and payments.

Website Builder  

The intuitive dashboard provides you with the tools to effectively organize your listings, track guest information, set up availability calendars and keep track of finances. The simple drag-and-drop builder means you don’t need any coding knowledge or design experience to create an attractive, professional website for your business. 

Direct Booking Engine 

Lodgify also includes features such as automation tools allowing you to quickly respond to inquiries and send out other notifications with ease. Furthermore, comprehensive support is available from the team who will be happy to help with anything from creating a listing page to promoting your business online. With Lodgify's all-in-one solution for both reservations and website building, you'll have everything you need to provide an excellent service for guests while growing your business.

Direct Booking Engine

Lodgify's Direct Booking Engine allows you to easily accept and manage bookings directly on your website. Through the Direct Booking Engine, you can set up availability calendars, customize prices for different time periods, and enable customers to book with just one click. 

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager also ensures that all of your listings are synced across various online channels like Airbnb and Booking.com so that you don't have to manually update each listing separately. 

Guest Management

With the Guest Management feature, it is easy to keep track of customer information and create a personalized booking experience for each guest. 

Task Management

Lodgify also has a Task Management feature which allows you to assign tasks to team members and manage projects more efficiently.

Automation Tools 

Automation tools are available that allow you to respond quickly to inquiries and send out other notifications with ease. Furthermore, comprehensive reporting and accounting features enable an accurate overview of your business's financials at any given time. 

Reporting and Accounting, Integrations

Lodgify can also be integrated with external services such as Google Analytics so that you can gain insights into your customer base and understand more about their behavior while on your site. These features combined make Lodgify an all-in-one solution for reservations, property management, and website building purposes – helping you provide an excellent service for guests while growing your business!

Lodgify Website Builder

Lodgify review

Lodgify Website Builder is a powerful and user-friendly website building solution for vacation rental owners, property managers and hoteliers. With Lodgify, you can create a professional website for your business in a few simple steps. Lodgify makes it easy to customize the content of your website and design it as you please. 

Choose from our selection of customisable templates or build an entirely unique design with the drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need any coding skills to get started. Lodgify also provides you with a wide range of features such as integrated booking system, payment gateways, multilingual websites and more. 

With Lodgify Website Builder, you are able to create a modern and attractive website that will capture the attention of potential customers. You have the option to add images, videos and other visual elements that will make your site stand out from the competition. Additionally, Lodgify Website Builder offers SEO optimisation tools so your website can be easily discovered by search engines like Google and Bing.

Lodgify’s  Channel Manager – Keep Everything in Sync

Lodgify review

Lodgify’s Channel Manager is a powerful tool for synchronizing reservations, guest information and bookings across multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) and other similar booking platforms. It offers direct API integrations with some of the biggest OTAs including Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia and Booking.com, as well as iCal sync for connecting to other channels such as TripAdvisor, Atraveom, Trivago or Hotels.com. 

With Lodgify's Channel Manager, you can ensure real-time updates of availability information so that double bookings are avoided while also setting accurate pricing and season rates across all channels at once. You can even manage up to 18 months of calendar availability with just a few clicks.   With this comprehensive and powerful tool, Lodgify truly makes it easy for you to manage your online bookings.

Lodgify Pricing

Lodgify review

Lodgify is a great value for the price, offering a range of affordable plans that are competitively priced compared to other vacation rental software solutions. The basic plan starts at just $11/mo, but requires an annual subscription and has a 1.9% booking fee. 

For single properties, you can get the standard plan for $32/mo ($46/mo paid monthly) while those wanting up to 10 properties can access the best value at just $115/mo ($164/mo paid monthly). In comparison, Lodgify's pricing falls roughly in the middle of the pack when compared to competitors like Uplisting and Guesty. While there are less expensive options like Guesty for Hosts, Lodgify offers unbeatable value with its selection of both cost-effective and feature-rich plans.

Dive right in with Lodgify's 7-day free trial – no credit card needed! Get all the comprehensive info and start taking charge of your vacation rental business today.

Lodgify Pros & cons

Pros of Lodgify 

Streamlined booking process: Lodgify makes it easy for vacation rental owners to manage their bookings and availability. It also provides automated communication with guests, helping to ensure that all booking details are kept up-to-date. 

Customizable website: Lodgify enables property owners to create unique websites for their rentals, allowing them to design the look and feel of the site according to their own preferences. 

Comprehensive payment system: The platform allows users to accept payments from different sources including credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay. This makes it convenient for guests to pay for their reservations online. 

Robust marketing tools: Lodgify provides several tools designed to help attract more guests and increase bookings such as SEO optimization and integration with popular online travel agencies like Airbnb and Booking.com. 

Comprehensive reporting capabilities: The platform offers detailed analytics about properties’ performance in order to help users make well informed decisions about pricing, availability and other aspects of managing their business. 

Cons of Lodgify 

Limited scalability options: While Lodgify is suitable for small or mid sized businesses, larger companies may require additional features that are not available on the platform such as multi-property management or enterprise level security options. 

Limited integrations with third party services: While there are several third party services integrated into the platform (such as Airbnb and Booking.com), some users may find that they need additional features which may have limited integrations or not be supported at all by Lodgify. 

Higher cost for premium features: Some of the advanced features offered by the platform (such as custom websites) come with an extra cost which may be too expensive for smaller businesses or those operating on a tight budget.

Lodgify Affiliate Program

Lodgify review

The Lodgify Affiliate Program is a great way to earn a commission for referring new customers to Lodgify. It's free, easy, and rewarding – simply sign up for their program and you'll get your own custom link that you can use on your website, blog or social media accounts. When someone clicks through from your link and makes a purchase at Lodgify, you'll get paid! 

Affiliate program offers generous commissions and flexible payouts. They offer 10% commissions on each successful sale, with payments being made out monthly in the currency of your choice (USD, EUR, GBP). Furthermore, they offer a two-tier commission structure, so if you refer other affiliates to join the program you will receive 5% commission on their sales as well.

Lodgify Alternatives

Lodgify review

Lodgify is a powerful vacation rental management software that helps property managers and rental businesses to streamline their operations. However, there are other platforms available for those looking for alternatives to Lodgify. 

One alternative vacation rental management software is Rentals United. This platform allows property owners and managers to list their properties on multiple booking channels, with the ability to track real-time bookings, manage availability calendars, generate invoices and set up automated emails. It also offers detailed reports of performance on all the channels in which a property is listed.

Another great option is Vacation RentPro. It has many features designed to help manage multiple properties quickly and efficiently, such as the ability to create detailed inquiries and quotes, manage housekeeping tasks and inspection checklists, collect payments from guests and analyze data from past bookings. 

It also offers automated email templates for marketing campaigns as well as a drag-and-drop booking calendar for setting availability. 

BookingSync is another alternative vacation rental management software that allows users to synchronize listings across different channels with an easy-to-use dashboard interface. It offers advanced features such as a central reservation system, automated payment processing, multi-property accounting capabilities and detailed reporting tools.  

Lastly, it enables users to customize their booking process with custom settings like taxes and discounts or add required services like housekeeping or pet fees when necessary. 

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