Just2trade Affiliate Program Review: A Lucrative Opportunity For Online Traders

Just2trade Affiliate Program allows traders to earn commissions by referring other people to their platform. Plus, it has some great features that can help even experienced traders maximize their profits and minimize their risks. In this blog post, we'll take a look at what makes the Just2trade Affiliate Program such an attractive option for online traders. We'll discuss its benefits and drawbacks and give our overall opinion on whether or not it's worth considering as part of your trading strategy. So read on to learn more about this lucrative opportunity!

What is the Just2trade Affiliate Program?

Just2trade Affiliate Program
Just2trade Affiliate Program Review: A Lucrative Opportunity For Online Traders 10

The Just2Trade Affiliate Program is a program for individuals looking to join the world of online business on favorable terms. It serves as a platform to engage active internet users who want to build their businesses without the need for any investment. As an affiliate, you gain access to all the services provided by Just2Trade, which you can offer to your clients. 

This partnership program is regarded as the best of its type, designed to offer aspiring partners the necessary support to attain their business objectives. It is a great opportunity for anyone who is seeking to establish themselves in the online trading industry. Just2Trade Affiliate Program is an exceptional way to start your online business journey, and the fact that it's without any initial investments makes it even more attractive to prospective partners.

Who is Just2trade Affiliate Program suitable?

The Just2trade Affiliate Program is suitable for both novice and experienced traders who are looking for an accessible, reliable, and cost-effective trading platform. With its low commissions, comprehensive trading tools, research data, and educational resources, Just2trade makes it easy to create a trusted environment to confidently manage your investments.

Just2trade Affiliate Program Key Feature

Just2trade Affiliate Program

Wide range of trading 

Just2trade's Affiliate Program offers a wide range of trading instruments, such as stocks, bonds, commodity futures, currencies, and even cryptocurrencies. This allows users to access a variety of markets from one single platform.

The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can take advantage of this program with ease. With its expansive range of options, Just2trade's Affiliate Program is the perfect choice for those looking to diversify their investments.

Personal manager

Each partner is assigned a personal manager who will help all your customers open accounts, top up their accounts, and connect services for successful trading. This means you can rest easy knowing that your referrals are getting the same high-quality customer service as everyone else on the platform.

Branded widgets and promotional materials

Just2trade Affiliate Program

With our branded widgets and promotional materials, businesses can easily reach out to potential customers through online and offline channels. We also provide comprehensive analytics on the performance of each campaign, giving you the insight you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Private Office 

This allows you to track your performance and see what strategies are working for you as an affiliate. You can also easily monitor your progress and be sure that your efforts are paying off in the long run. With such reliable data, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to creating successful campaigns.

Support of analysts

Just2trade offers an affiliate program that allows users to partner with the company and benefit from their support of analysts. With this program, affiliates can take advantage of the technical analysis tools offered by Just2trade as well as receive access to exclusive market data and expert insights. This is an excellent way for traders to maximize their trading potential and optimize their success in the markets.

Just2trade Affiliate Program: Commission

Just2trade Affiliate Program

The Just2Trade Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity for introducing brokers to earn commission. They can receive 20% of the net profit of Just2Trade when making deals on other trading platforms. This is an excellent incentive for brokers to get involved in the lucrative world of trading and make big money!

Just2trade Affiliate Program: Requirements

Just2trade requires its clients to accept the Brokerage Agreement and Company's General Terms and Conditions in order to become an affiliate. Acceptance of both of these documents is necessary for any client to meet the requirements for becoming an affiliate with the program.

Furthermore, Just2trade Affiliate Program requires that applicants have carried out transactions of significant size on relevant markets at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous 4 quarters. Additionally, applicants must have a financial instrument portfolio with a value greater than EUR 500,000 and have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position requiring knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.

Just2trade Affiliate Program: Payment 

Just2trade Affiliate Program

The Just2trade Affiliate Program allows users to withdraw funds via bank transfers, electronic wallets, or payment systems. Currency conversion is done at internal rates of the payment systems and fees are set by the same. Withdrawal times depend on the payment system used, with Bank transfers taking 2-3 days and WebMoney and QIWI electronic wallets taking 1-2 days.

Currencies available for withdrawal include USD, EUR, and RUB, while residents of Latin America can make withdrawals through Astropay in local currencies such as BRL, COP, MXN, PEN and CLP. As per company regulations, withdrawals to accounts of third parties are prohibited.

How can I get started with Just2trade Affiliate Program?

If you're interested in joining the Just2trade Affiliate Program, getting started is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Registration

To join Just2trade's Affiliate Program, you'll first need to fill out the registration form. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you'll gain access to the partner's Private Office. This will give you access to a wide range of marketing tools that you can use to promote Just2trade.

Step 2: Utilize Marketing Tools

Once you have access to the partner's Private Office, you'll be able to utilize a variety of marketing tools to promote Just2trade. These tools include banners, links, and other materials that you can use to spread the word about Just2trade. You'll also have access to a range of educational resources that can help you learn more about Just2trade and its trading platform.

Step 3: Earn Commissions

As an affiliate, you'll earn commissions for every customer that you refer to Just2trade. The commission rate will depend on the partnership model that you choose. Some of the available models include revenue share, CPA (cost per acquisition), and hybrid models that combine elements of both. No matter which model you choose, you'll have the opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting Just2trade to your audience.

By filling out the registration form, utilizing marketing tools, and earning commissions for referrals, you can start earning money as an affiliate in no time.

What are the pros and cons of Just2trade Affiliate Program? 

Just2trade Affiliate Program


  • Deposits are insured, ensuring the safety of your funds.
  • The company's policy against money laundering ensures that only legal funds are accepted and used for trading activities.
  • Disputes are resolved by an objective third party, ensuring fair and impartial resolutions.
  • The support service is available 24/7 and staffed by knowledgeable specialists who respond quickly to trading questions.
  • Support is offered in multiple languages, making it easier to communicate.
  • In addition to the support service, personal managers are available to offer assistance and answer questions.


  • Just2trade operates in an offshore zone, which means that affiliates can benefit from relaxed regulations and potentially more favorable tax laws.
  • The affiliate program offers a range of customizable tools and resources to help affiliates 

Just2trade Affiliate Program: FAQs

Just2trade Affiliate Program

How often will I be compensated as a Just2trade Affiliate?

You will receive your compensation every month, not later than 15 working days following the end of the month. 

Is there any cost associated with joining the program? 

No, it's absolutely FREE to become a member of Just2trade’s Affiliate Program! 

Who can participate in the Just2Trade affiliate program? 

All individuals and companies who have registered with Just2Trade are eligible for the affiliate program. 

How do I track my referrals and payments? 

You can use our online tracking system which allows you to monitor all your traffic sources in real time. Your reports will be available immediately after any referral activity takes place in your network!   

Is there any support provided by Jusst2trade if I have questions or need assistance?  

Yes! Our experienced team is always here to help. You can contact us via email, phone or live chat and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have! 

Just2trade Affiliate Program: Final Thoughts

Just2trade Affiliate Program

The Just2trade Affiliate Program is a great way to make money online by referring customers and earning commission. With its generous payouts, flexible payment schedule, and wide range of products and services available for referral, it’s an ideal program for anyone looking to earn some extra income from home.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for years, this affiliate program can help you reach your financial goals with ease. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start taking advantage of the numerous benefits that come along with being part of the Just2trade Affiliate Program!

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