IG Vs Forex – A Comprehensive Comparison Of Their Features And Benefits 

Several established players populate the CFD trading industry, and 2 of the most well-known names are IG vs Forex. Both have been in business for years, IG since 1974, while Forex.com was founded in 2001 – making them both highly experienced and trusted brokers. 

Regarding asset selection, IG Markets gives traders an excellent choice of over 17,000 different assets across 11 sectors from 4 platforms – giving you plenty of options for your portfolio construction strategy. They also offer great research abilities and up-to-date technology solutions that make their trading environment competitively advantageous for traders. 

Forex.com belongs to StoneX and is part of an international group with a strong capital base behind them; they focus primarily on the foreign exchange markets but still provide access to over 300 other markets, too – so there’s something for everyone here regardless of your preferred style or level of experience in the market place.  

Regarding trader performance statistics at each broker, 76% of IG retail traders end up with a loss operating compared to 73% at Forex – highlighting how important preparation can be before entering into any financial instrument or trade. The difference between them lies primarily in the asset selection, research capabilities, and technology deployed by each. Ultimately, IG vs Forex offers traders a great chance at success in their respective markets.  

Whichever you choose to go with, you must consider all the factors before committing yourself to one particular broker. That said, IG vs Forex are well-established, trusted brokers with a long track record of success and reliable performance – so you can’t go wrong either way. 

Good luck in your trading journey!

IG Vs Forex: Summary Table

RegulationFCA, DFSA, BMA, SMA, and 6 other regulationsFCA, ASIC, IIROC, FSA, CFTC, CIMA, NFA
U.S. Clients AllowedNoNo
Broker TypeMarket CreatorMarket Creator
Commissions and  Spreads-Spreads
Peak Leverage1/200 (BMA Entity)1/30
Minimum Deposit$250£50 or a currency equivalent
1st Account  CFDForex Account
2nd AccountStock DealingMT4
3rd AccountProfessionalDMA
4th AccountNoNo
Islamic AccountNo No
Demo AccountYes Yes 
Segregated AccountsYesYes
Managed AccountsYesNo
Website LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Austrian, Portugal, Swedish, Swiss, Japanese, Arabia, ChineseEnglish
E-mail SupportYesYes
Support Hours24 hours/5 weekdaysFrom Sunday 3 pm to Friday 10 pm
SMS SupportNoNo
Broker Offers-Forex trading
-Accounts and statements
-Charges and fees
-Deposits and withdrawals
-React to events with the latest Reuters news
-Announce your trading with expert analysis
-Follow the markets with our Twitter feed
-Mobile trading apps and Web trading platform
-MetaTrader 4
-Simulated Forex TradingIcon of 2 stacked
-Compare platform
-Web trader

IG Vs Forex: Overview

What are IG Markets?

IG vs Forex

IG Markets is a market-leading CFD broker, offering an extensive suite of trading platforms and products to traders of all levels and experience. 

Their flagship platform, the IG exclusive trading platform, is robust and feature-rich, including a comprehensive charting package with analytics, alerts, signals, and IG Live. 

Experienced traders can use ProRealTime, a more advanced platform with 18 optional indicators and Autochartist. IG Markets also supports auto trading via many APIs.

IG Academy provides online trading courses and interactive education for novice traders to introduce to the financial world. 

The podcasts, web TV channels, and live trading sessions enhance the learning experience. The in-house study is available to support manual traders, while IG-Smart Portfolios provide a classic approach to property management in select geographical jurisdictions. 

All these value-increased services make IG Markets one of the best choices for taking your trading to the next level.

IG vs Forex

Overall, IG Markets offers an exceptional range of products and services to meet the needs of every trader. Whether you're a beginner just getting started or an experienced professional looking for advanced tools, IG Markets has something for everyone. 

With their comprehensive suite of platforms and access to global markets, it is no wonder why IG Markets remains the top-rated CFD broker. 

IG Markets offers a top-notch trading experience for beginner and more advanced traders. Their extensive range of products, platforms, and services make them among the most popular CFD brokers. 

From access to global markets and in-house research to auto-trading solutions and interactive education programs, IG Markets is an ideal choice for anyone looking to take their trading journey to the next level.  

With an extensive range of products, platforms, and services, IG Markets will surely deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

What is Forex?

IG vs Forex

Forex.com is one of the most prominent MT4 brokers in the industry, boasting active servers per broker as of April 2019. Traders using their platform are provided with various features and tools designed to make their trading experience as efficient and successful as possible. 

A Reuters Live news feed, Forex.com's comprehensive in-house research, and technical analysis and account management tools from Trading Central are all available to enhance the out-of-the-box MT4 version. 

Performance analytics provided by Chasing Returns also allows traders to optimize their trading strategy.

For more experienced traders with higher liquidity needs, Forex.com offers a Direct Market Access account where they can take advantage of the platform's capabilities. To help new traders get acquainted with the trading world, Forex.com provides seven distinct educational themes and three trading courses to guide them through their journey. 

IG vs Forex

Additionally, the in-house study is provided for manual traders, while automated traders are offered free MT4-VPS hosting for standard accounts. 3rd-party developers can also create solutions utilizing the REST APIs the broker offers.

Forex is an excellent choice for traders seeking a full-featured platform with MT4 support and advanced trading tools. 

With in-house research, educational materials, automated VPS hosting, and more provided alongside their proprietary Advances Trading Platform, Forex.com offers a comprehensive solution for IG vs Forex traders. 

Whether you're an experienced trader or a novice just getting started in the market, Forex.com provides the tools you need to be successful.

IG vs Forex
FeatureIG MarketsForex.com
Platform Type-Proprietary trading platform 
-L2 Dealer
-Advanced Trading Platform
Languages of PlatformEnglishEnglish
OS CompatibilityMobile, Windows, WebMobile, Windows, Web
Charting PackageYesYes
Trading SignalsYesYes
Interest on MarginNoNo
Chart TradingYesYes
Market AnalysisYesYes
Automated TradingYesYes
Mobile AlertsYesYes
Trailing StopsYesYes
One-click ExecutionYesYes
Guarantee for Stop LossYesYes
Mobile TradingYesYes
Web-based TradingYesYes

IG Vs Forex: An Ultimate Compare Guidelines 

Active markets

IG vs Forex

IG Markets offers an impressive range of over 17,000 different assets for traders to choose from. 

Of these, the majority are CFDs on global equities across 26 markets – totaling more than 13,000 – and other investments such as bonds, options, ETFs, and in-house created derivatives. 

In addition, there are 27 commodities, 80 currency pairs, and eight cryptocurrency pairs available. 

Forex.com also provides access to 80 currency pairs. Still, its selection is more limited when compared with IG Markets, with only 330 assets across CFDs on equities, indices, soft and hard commodity contracts, and cryptocurrencies.

FeaturesIG Forex
Binary OptionsNoNo

Typical Fees and Spreads

IG vs Forex

The IG Markets and Forex.com platforms offer clients access to various financial instruments, including foreign exchange and equity trading. 

Both brokers display competitive prices regarding spreads and commissions, although the minimum spread offered by IG Markets is slightly lower. Despite this advantage, both brokers are equally competitive and slightly expensive, considering the average markup. 

IG Markets' equity trading carries a 0.1% commission with a  minimum of £10/€10, apart from US shares, where the commission is $0.02 per share with a minimum of $25. 

In contrast, Forex has set lower costs for its clients; the minimum spread stands at 0.8 pips, and the commissions stand at 0.08% for UK stocks and $0.018 with a $10 minimum for US ones.

IG vs Forex

The Forex DMA account further enhances client pricing, offering a 0.1-pip minimum spread and a tiered commission starting from $60 monthly. 

The corporate actions and swap rates, such as mergers and dividends splits, are switched onto all affected portfolios at 2 brokers with no withdrawal charges or internal deposit. 

However, each broker does impose an inactivity fee of £12 monthly for dormant accounts. IG Markets may also levy additional fees based on the trading style and individual's activity level. 

Both IG vs Forex offer competitively priced environments for traders, though Forex.com appears to edge out its competitor with a more cost-efficient structure. 

The minimum spreads are IG Markets' slightly lower, but pricing remains similar between the 2 brokers when considering the average markup.

Security and Trust

IG vs Forex

UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) remains the primary regulator of IG Markets, a constituent of the FTSE 250 index. 

To ensure complete compliance across the board, this broker has maintained oversight from 10 global regulators and follows strict capital rules that have been in place since its founding in 1974. 

All clients of IG Markets have a very secure trading environment, and the broker is one of the most transparent in operation.

Forex's main regulator is UK FCA, with international subsidiary operations supervised by the CIMA (Cayman Islands Monetary Authority).

IG vs Forex 14

StoneX, the Forex corporate owner with listings on the NASDAQ share exchange, is also subject to capital requirements controls by 4 additional regulators in different jurisdictions. 

Both brokers are fully committed to protecting client deposits from company funds. In select jurisdictions, investors have access to features for additional security, such as an investor compensation fund and negative balance protection. 

Regardless of which broker you choose, you can be assured of a secure trading environment and full compliance with global standards. IG vs Forex has been delivering superior services in the IG vs Forex game since 1974 and 1998, respectively. 

As such, it is important to assess each broker's features offered to ensure that you make the right choice for your personal investing needs.

IG Vs Forex: Frequently Asked Questions

Does IG vs Forex offer lower pricing?

IG vs Forex

The commission-free spreads offered by IG Markets and Forex.com may seem roughly the same; however, regarding high-frequency trading, the Forex.com DMA account offers a more competitive pricing structure. 

Traders looking for a cost-effective solution will find that its equity commissions are lower than IG Markets. With Forex.com, traders can benefit from a more favorable pricing structure.

Is IG vs Forex safer for Forex and CFDs trading?

Both IG vs Forex are highly regulated brokers, adhering to strict regulatory requirements set by multiple global agencies to ensure their services' utmost security, transparency, and trustworthiness. 

Both brokers' secure trading platforms allow users to access various financial instruments such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, options, and more. IG vs Forex comparison-wise, both offer similar advantages yet with their own unique set of features.

IG vs Forex

Which trading platform is better: IG vs Forex?

IG Markets is an excellent choice for traders considering a trading platform, providing both proprietary software and upgraded versions of the commonly used MetaTrader4 (MT4). 

These provide an array of features that make for a more enjoyable user experience, such as higher quality add-ons than are available with other brokers.

Furthermore, IG Markets offer Direct Market Access (DMA), an advanced trading method that gives traders access to global markets with much greater speed and flexibility.

IG vs Forex

IG Vs Forex Final Thought: Who Is The Winner?

In conclusion, IG vs Forex offers traders a secure trading environment with high capitalization levels. Regarding asset selection and platforms, IG Markets has over 17,000 assets available, while Forex offers just more than 330 – making IG Markets superior. 

The average cost structure is commission-free and roughly equal between all brokers; however, the DMA (direct market access) account at Forex is more impressively priced for those looking for an even better deal on trades and fees.

Begin traders will see helpful educational content and quality research divisions within each broker's website, which can be invaluable when learning how to trade effectively or researching potential investments. 

Ultimately, IG markets may be preferable if you need access to various markets. Forex might suit traders (high frequency)focused on fewer instruments but want greater cost efficiency from their chosen broker partner platform.

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