GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review: A Lucrative Opportunity For Travel Bloggers

Are you looking for a way to monetize your travel blog or website? The GetYourGuide affiliate program allows you to promote tours and activities from one of the world's largest online booking platforms and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral. In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, we will take a closer look at it and its features so you can determine whether it's the right fit for you.

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GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Overview

About GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

GetYourGuide is an online marketplace offering activities, experiences, and tours worldwide. Through its affiliate program, partners can refer their site visitors to GetYourGuide and earn a commission for each conversion. 

With a range of products and services, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, GetYourGuide is a great option for promoting travel activities on their website or blog. 

The company offers simple tracking capabilities with transparent reporting to track your real-time earnings. Plus, they have extensive creative materials to help drive the best results possible from your campaigns. 

Overview of the GetYourGuide affiliate program 

The GetYourGuide affiliate program is an easy and effective way to make money online. With its simple signup process, great commission rates, and wide variety of offers, it's no wonder this program has become so popular among affiliates. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

You can earn commissions through the program by promoting GetYourGuide tours and activities on your website or blog without any upfront costs or long-term commitments. 

Plus, with a great support team to help whenever needed, you'll have everything you need to earn extra income immediately!

Pros and Cons of the GetYourGuide affiliate program

The GetYourGuide affiliate program greatly benefits those using their platform to generate additional income streams. One of the pros is that it is a reliable program with a long track record of success, offering users consistent commission rates and reliable payments. 

Additionally, it allows for various promotional methods, such as native ads, banner ads, and coupon codes. Finally, the program offers great customer service and detailed reporting.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

One of the potential downsides to GetYourGuide is that it requires a minimum payment threshold before commissions are paid out. Additionally, its commission rates are only sometimes competitive compared to other programs in the same space. Finally, the program's promotional methods can be limited for those with smaller budgets.  

Overall, the GetYourGuide affiliate program is a great option for anyone looking to generate additional income streams, but some may have better choices. Researching and ensuring you understand the program's pros and cons before diving in and committing is important. With the right approach, you can make the most of it.

Who can join the GetYourGuide affiliate program?

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

As a content creator or website owner, I can partner with GetYourGuide through, the in-house affiliate program, or the Travelpayouts Partnership Platform. Partnering with GetYourGuide gives me an excellent opportunity to monetize my content by recommending unforgettable experiences. 

When I recommend GetYourGuide tours and activities, my audience can confidently book their next adventure at the best price possible, thanks to the brand's reputation and quality services.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – How To Start?

Requirements to become an affiliate of GetYourGuide

Are you looking to join an affiliate program that offers great rewards and benefits? If so, the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program may be what you need. With its wide range of travel products and services, it's no surprise that this is one of the most popular programs. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, we'll look at what it takes to become a GetYourGuide affiliate and how you can make money through their program.

  • Having an active blog or website

The first requirement for becoming an affiliate with GetYourGuide is having your website or blog where you can promote their products or services. 

You should also be familiar with basic HTML coding and have experience using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture. Furthermore, all affiliates must agree to adhere to the company's terms and conditions before they are accepted into the program.

  • Remain active status   
GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Once accepted into the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program, other requirements must be met for affiliates to remain active program members. 

These include regularly updating content on your website or blog related to travel activities available from GetYourGuide and adding links to their website on your site. Affiliates must also follow all applicable advertising guidelines, such as correctly tagging ads with the appropriate product or service.

How to sign up and get accepted as a GetYourGuide affiliate? 

Signing up and getting accepted as a GetYourGuide affiliate is easy. All you need to do is visit and fill out the registration form with your contact information, website URL, business name, and Tax/VAT Number, if applicable. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Once submitted, it should be reviewed within 2-5 business days, after which you will receive either an acceptance or denial email with further instructions if accepted into the program.

Step-by-step guide on promoting products from GetYourGuide

Promoting products from GetYourGuide is an excellent way to earn money online. The GetYourGuide affiliate program provides a great opportunity for affiliates who want to make money without investing too much effort or time. I am here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to join the program and start promoting its products.

First, you must sign up for the program by visiting their website and filling out the registration form. Once your account is approved, you will receive a unique ID allowing you to create your links, which can be used to promote GetYourGuide's products. 

You will also get access to detailed reports about your performance and promotional materials, such as banners and coupons, that can help increase sales conversions.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Next, you must select the right product or service from GetYourGuide's list of offerings to maximize conversions. This means considering factors such as customer preferences, current market trends, pricing structure, etc., so research before making any decisions.

Once you have decided what products or services you will promote, create compelling content around them and optimize it using relevant keywords so people searching for similar topics can easily find your content.

Once the content is ready, it's time to start promoting it across different channels such as blogs, social media platforms, email campaigns, etc. Ensure your links are properly tracked, and remind customers about the promotional offers you have in store for them. This will help increase sales conversions even further.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Finally, please keep track of your performance to see which promotion strategy works best for you and optimize it accordingly. With these steps, you can easily make money while promoting GetYourGuide's products and services through their affiliate program.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – Payment Issues

As an affiliate marketer, I always look for great programs to partner with. GetYourGuide's affiliate program has been one of my top choices for a while now. The company offers competitive commissions and provides lots of support and resources to help me promote their products. 

In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, I'll look at the payment structure of GetYourGuide's affiliate program so you can decide if it is right for you.

Commission Structure

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

GetYourGuide pays commissions on a tiered structure. The commission rate is based on the monthly sales you generate. If you produce 1-9 bookings, you will receive a commission rate of 5%. 

For 10-49 bookings, you'll earn 8%, and for 50+ bookings, commission rates increase to 12%. This tiered structure makes it easier for affiliates to make more money as they build their referrals.


Payments are made monthly via PayPal and can be transferred directly into your bank account. GetYourGuide also offers a unique feature called “Instant Booking Bonuses,” a great incentive for active affiliates. Each time you generate a booking, you'll receive an immediate bonus payment of 5% to 10%.

The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program also offers its affiliates a variety of payment methods, including direct bank transfer (for German residents only), check (for US residents), and Skrill or ACH Direct Deposit if requested by affiliates outside of Germany and the USA. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Overall, the GetYourGuide affiliate program provides great earning potential for affiliates willing to invest time and effort. With competitive commission rates and the ability to earn instant bonuses, GetYourGuide's affiliate program is worth checking out if you want to increase your income.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – Strategies For Earning More With GetYourGuide Affiliate Program 

As an affiliate marketer, I always seek great opportunities to earn more. One of my favorite programs is the GetYourGuide affiliate program. It offers a generous commission rate and exclusive deals that make it easy to maximize earnings. In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, I'll discuss strategies for earning even more with it.

Develop relationships with other affiliate marketers

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

One of the most effective strategies is to develop relationships with other affiliate marketers in the same program. GetYourGuide offers a range of promotional resources and tools that can help you reach out to new potential partners. By establishing relationships with other affiliates, you can leverage each other's marketing efforts and increase your overall earnings.

Be active and aware of any new promotions or deals

In addition, it's important to be active and aware of any new promotions or deals from GetYourGuide. The company always offers great deals and discounts that can help you earn more. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as they arise.

Choose the right products to promote

Finally, it's important to remember that GetYourGuide offers a variety of products. From tours and activities to tickets, events, and more, there's a lot of potential for earning more with the affiliate program. With so many options available, affiliates can easily find the right products to promote that will help them maximize their earnings.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Aff affiliates can benefit from GetYourGuide's great commission rate and exclusive deals by utilizing these strategies. With a bit of effort and creativity, it is possible to unlock the full potential of the GetYourGuide affiliate program and increase your earnings.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – Advice On How To Stay Motivated While Working With The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

Working with the GetYourGuide affiliate program can be a great way to make some extra money, but it does require dedication and motivation. It's easy to get discouraged when your efforts don't seem to be paying off, so it's important that I stay motivated and keep pushing forward. In this article, I'll share some advice on how to stay motivated while working with the GetYourGuide affiliate program. 

Set realistic goals

First and foremost, I need to set realistic goals for myself. It's easy to get overwhelmed if my expectations are too high, so I focus on small victories that will motivate me and propel me toward my larger goals. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Setting milestones and tracking progress helps me stay focused and motivated, giving me a sense of accomplishment when I reach each milestone.

Take regular breaks

I also make sure to take regular breaks. Taking a break allows me to refocus my energy and return with a refreshed perspective, which helps me stay motivated and productive. I also reward myself for reaching small goals, even if it's just something small like watching a movie or enjoying an extra coffee.

Remind yourself

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Finally, I remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place. It's easy to forget why I started working with the GetYourGuide affiliate program when things get difficult or progress could be faster. Keeping my end goal in mind helps me stay focused and motivated when times get tough.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – Analyzing Your Performance With The GetYourGuide Dashboard

As a GetYourGuide affiliate, I always seek ways to improve my performance and ensure I get the most out of the program. Analyzing your performance with the GetYourGuide dashboard is a great way to do this. 

The dashboard provides detailed insights into how well you are doing regarding sales and clicks, which can help you identify areas where you need to adjust your strategy or focus more attention. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, I'll discuss using the GetYourGuide dashboard to analyze your performance and get more out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Understanding what data points are available

The first step in analyzing my performance with the GetYourGuide Dashboard is understanding what data points I can track. 

On this page, I can view metrics such as overall revenue generated from my links, the total number of clicks on those links, conversion rate (the number of people who click through and purchase something), average order value (AOV), etc. 

By reviewing these numbers each week or month, I can gain valuable insights into how effective my campaigns have been.

Ability to drill down into different levels of data

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Another great feature of the GetYourGuide Dashboard is the ability to drill down into different levels of data. For example, I can view a breakdown by day or week and see which days or weeks were my most successful in generating clicks and sales. 

I can also view performance metrics for each link, such as click-through rates and AOV for each. With this level of detail, I can determine which links perform best and adjust my strategy accordingly.

Compare the performance

Finally, the GetYourGuide Dashboard allows me to compare my performance with other affiliates in the program easily. This comparison feature shows me how my performance stacks up against other affiliates regarding clicks, sales, and AOV. 

By seeing how I perform compared to others, I can better understand where I need to focus my efforts and ensure that I stay competitive.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Overall, the GetYourGuide dashboard is an invaluable tool for understanding my performance in the program and ensuring that I'm getting the most out of my affiliate marketing efforts. Its detailed data points and comparison features are a great way to analyze my performance and adjust accordingly. 

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program Review – Examples Of Successful Affiliates Who Have Earned From The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program 

As a successful affiliate of the GetYourGuide program, I have seen first-hand how rewarding it can be to earn commissions from promoting their travel services. With their wide selection of activities and tours in cities worldwide, affiliates have endless opportunities to make money. 

In this GetYourGuide affiliate program review, I'll share examples of affiliates who have had success with the GetYourGuide affiliate program and offer advice on how you, too, can start earning commissions today!

A travel blogger from Germany

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

One of the affiliates I know, a travel blogger from Germany, generated more than 2,000 EUR in commissions owing to their partnership with GetYourGuide. 

They could easily promote GetYourGuide's wide range of tours and activities through their blog posts and social media followers. With attractive commission rates and no initial signup fee, they were able to start earning with the program quickly.

A travel influencer from Canada

Another affiliate I know is a travel influencer from Canada. By leveraging their network on Instagram and YouTube, they were able to promote GetYourGuide's services to their followers. Within a few months, they earned more than 1,000 EUR in commissions from the program.

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

These are just 2 examples of successful affiliates who have earned money from GetYourGuide's affiliate program. With attractive commission rates, no initial signup fee, and a wide selection of activities and tours worldwide, there is great potential for any affiliate to earn commissions with GetYourGuide. 

So why not get started today? Sign up for the program and start earning commissions with every successful referral!

GetYourGuide affiliate program review – FAQs 

What type of products can you promote through the GetYourGuide affiliate program?

The GetYourGuide affiliate program allows you to promote various products, including tours, activities, tickets, and experiences in over 40 countries worldwide. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

You can promote attractions like museums, monuments, theme parks, concerts, and sports events; cultural experiences such as cooking classes or wine tastings; or sightseeing tours and city passes. You can earn commissions by promoting activities such as river cruises or airport transfers. 

Furthermore, GetYourGuide has recently added a “Merchandise” category, including logo-branded apparel and souvenirs that are perfect for earning extra commission from your site's visitors.

How to track your earnings from the GetYourGuide affiliate program?

Tracking your earnings from the GetYourGuide affiliate program is easy – you log into your account dashboard and view the results of your campaigns. You can also customize how you track and analyze data points such as the number of referrals, eCPMs, click-through rates, and conversions to understand better how well each campaign is doing. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Additionally, you can set up automated reporting to stay informed on all aspects of your campaigns. With this invaluable insight, you can make better decisions for future endeavors with GetYourGuide's affiliate program.

What are the terms and conditions of the program?

The terms and conditions of the GetYourGuide affiliate program include eligibility requirements, commission rates for sales generated, payment methods, cookie duration, and advertising guidelines. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

Eligibility requires at least a minimum revenue within 12 months, and they must be responsible for displaying GetYourGuide correctly while complying with all applicable laws. 

Commission rates vary based on the type of product purchased; standard pricing ranges from 4% to 7%. 

Payment methods accepted are PayPal or bank transfer with a 30-day cookie duration set upon referral link activation. Finally, advertising standards must be followed accurately to remain eligible for commission payments.

Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before getting paid? 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program has set no minimum payout threshold. 

Hence, affiliates can get paid even with small amounts earned through referrals once all transactions have been completed successfully by customers booking activities or tours via your links/banners/widgets shared online according to the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and the platform.  

Are there any restrictions on how I promote my affiliate link?  

GetYourGuide strictly prohibits spamming and abusive, promotional practices. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review

It is recommended to use your discretion while advertising online to not breach any of the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement between you 2 parties – yourself as an affiliate & GetYourGuide platform. 

GetYourGuide affiliate program review – Conclusion

In conclusion, the GetYourGuide affiliate program offers a promising opportunity for content creators and website owners to monetize their platforms by promoting exciting tours and activities. With its reputable brand, user-friendly platform, and competitive commission rates, it's worth considering as an additional revenue stream. 

By thoroughly assessing the program and comparing it with other available options, you can decide whether the GetYourGuide affiliate program fits your online business or project.

With that, this GetYourGuide affiliate program review has given you a better understanding of what it takes to join it and how to make money through its program. 

With its generous commissions and easy-to-use interface, this program is worth checking out if you want to become an affiliate marketer. So don't wait any longer and join the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program today!

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