Ezoic Vs Adthrive: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for an ad network that pays better than AdSense? If so, then you must have heard about two of the most widely used alternatives – Ezoic and AdThrive. Both these networks offer great features, pricing models and user experience to bloggers and publishers. 

But which one should you choose, Ezoic vs AdThrive? This post will help you make a decision by comparing both platforms in terms of their features, pricing, and user experience. We’ll also discuss how each platform can benefit your blog or website. So let's get started!

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Ezoic is a world-renowned Google Certified Publishing Partner and Adsense Optimization Platform, which has been delivering impressive results to website owners and publishers since 2010. It serves over 20 billion ad impressions per month and is considered a leader among similar platforms due to its innovative suite of tools and features. Through Ezoic's cloud-based platform, webmasters are able to optimize their websites for increased revenue, improved user experience, and accelerated traffic growth. 

Ezoic vs Adthrive

The platform offers numerous solutions that allow users to test different site layouts, optimize ads, as well as make content more visible to users. Features such as automated A/B testing enable site owners to run experiments on specific pages or elements of their website in order to find the optimal design or implementation for maximum performance. Additionally, Ezoic’s ad optimization tools provide an extremely comprehensive platform for optimizing ads across multiple networks with full control over where they appear on the page. Content recommendation technology allows webmasters to easily personalize their content according to visitors’ browsing habits in order to generate more engagement and increase conversion rates.

Apart from Ezoic, there is another popular option when it comes to ad optimization – Adthrive. This full-service ad management company helps publishers maximize their profits by finding the best way for their ads to be displayed on their websites, as well as organizing ad auctions so that the most relevant ads appear on the page at all times. AdThrive also offers a wide range of services including detailed reporting, customer support, training materials and other features that help website owners get more money out of their advertising campaigns.

Features Comparison

Ezoic and Adthrive are two major platforms in the publishing industry, offering a variety of features that help maximize revenue and optimize the user experience. With Ezoic, publishers can take advantage of their AI-driven platform to automatically optimize ads for maximum efficiency, along with a Site Speed Accelerator that helps improve loading times. Additionally, Ezoic is compatible with popular content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, allowing for easy integration.

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Adthrive also offers some useful features such as the ability to customize placements of ads and “smart pricing” feature that optimizes ad prices to maximize profits. In addition to these features, Adthrive also helps publishers manage their data more efficiently, allowing them to monitor performance quickly and accurately.

With both Ezoic and Adthrive, publishers can benefit from high quality user experience optimization and traffic scaling tools as well as increased ad optimization capabilities. Furthermore, they have access to a wide range of integrations with popular publishing tools that facilitate seamless integration into existing systems. With both platforms combined, publishers now have access to an extensive suite of features that allow them to maximize their revenues while providing a great user experience.

Pricing Comparison

Ezoic is an innovative platform that provides powerful features to help website owners increase their profits. The Basic plan is available for a low monthly fee of $49 and offers access to all the platform’s features. Those who want even more can upgrade to the Pro plan, which costs $199 per month and includes additional features such as the Site Speed Accelerator to boost loading times. 

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Adthrive is another popular platform that enables website owners to take advantage of various monetization strategies. For just $99 per month, the Starter plan gives users access to all of the platform’s features. If you need extra help in customizing your ad placements and making sure you get the best rates, then consider upgrading to their Premium plan for $399 per month. This package comes with “smart pricing” capabilities and other unique tools that will maximize your earnings potential.

User Experience Comparison

Ezoic and Adthrive both offer a platform that is user-friendly and feature-rich, with exemplary customer service. Both provide 24/seven live chat assistance as well as email support, so you'll always be able to get the help you need when you need it. Furthermore, their team of experts will ensure that you have a seamless experience every time you use their services. 

Ezoic vs Adthrive

In addition to the customer support offered by both companies, they also offer a variety of other features designed to make your web publishing tasks easier and more efficient. Their platforms come equipped with powerful analytics, a convenient content management systems, and integration options for third-party services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. You can also choose from various monetization options such as display ads, pay-per-click campaigns or sponsored posts on social media networks. 

Overall, Ezoic and Adthrive are two great options if you're looking for an easy-to-use platform with excellent customer service. With their combination of features, analytics tools and monetization opportunities, they can provide everything you need to optimize your web publishing experience.

Ezoic vs Adthrive Case Study Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Perimeters & Methodology of The Case Study?

In order to ensure an accurate and equitable comparison of Adthrive and Ezoic in this case-study, we have established some clear ground rules. Firstly, the metrics used will be based on the website’s user-metrics for 6 months prior to the switch from Adthrive to Ezoic. This is because Adthrive was used on the site for well over 6 months beforehand, thus giving it a sufficient amount of time to test and populate its ads onto the website. 

To make earnings easier to understand, Ezoic's EMPV metric will be adjusted to RPM through Google Analytics data. This allows us to measure page views during the relevant time period for both platforms, as well as use this information with overall earnings in order to calculate RPM (as done by Adthrive). User data will likewise be sourced from Google Analytics in order to provide a fair playing field for both platforms. 

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Additional changes also won't be made unless absolutely necessary – our VPS won't be upgraded if it isn't causing page load failures and our hosting provider or CDN settings won't be changed unless there's a dire need for it. While redesigns or optimization are often seen as beneficial, we decided against it during this case-study in order to maintain the same environment that existed while using Adthrive. As such, no real optimizations or redesigns were implemented throughout this whole process. 

These decisions were made in an effort to ensure that we didn't inadvertently taint or skew any of the data collected during this case-study – providing each platform with an unbiased and level playing field throughout our evaluation period. With these ground rules set in stone, we can now move forward with confidence knowing that whichever ad platform comes out on top at the end of our study will have earned their victory fairly and honestly.

Why didn’t we split-test Ezoic vs Adthrive, to have results for them both during the same time period?

We were extremely disappointed when Adthrive refused our offer to work together in order to conduct fair split-testing on our platform. Ezoic, on the other hand, was eager to collaborate and even offered to liaise with the Adthrive team in order to guarantee that all tests would be conducted evenly and fairly. 

Still, Adthrive remained adamant that this was not something they were willing to do, which felt like a huge missed opportunity for us as well as them. This was especially disheartening since split-testing can be incredibly beneficial for both parties, as it allows for more detailed data collection and sophisticated improvements in user experience. We had hoped that by joining forces with them, we could make sure that everyone benefited from the process.

What if I don’t go premium with Ezoic, will it still be worth using?

After careful consideration of the evidence, it was clear that Ezoic clearly outperformed Adthrive when it comes to revenue – even without Ezoic's Premium feature. This was a concern of mine initially, as I wanted to ensure that the results weren't skewed due to Ezoic's higher-tier offering. To make sure my findings were accurate, I took measures like controlling for the Premium revenue in order to obtain a better picture of how both platforms performed against each other. 

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Ultimately, it wasn't an issue as the results revealed that Ezoic was able to provide greater benefits than Adthrive even without its additional features. This demonstrates that Ezoic is indeed a superior choice when it comes to generating more revenue with less effort or risk.

What about changing from Adthrive to other providers, or from Ezoic back to Adthrive?

When it comes to switching ad platforms, Ezoic allows for a more flexible approach – changes can be made whenever desired without needing to give any prior notice. Conversely, Adthrive requires at least 30 days of notice before the switch. In the past, my experience with other ad networks has been that their results are significantly lower than both Adthrive and Ezoic. While Mediavine is another option, it provides similar performance as Adthrive so it is likely that Ezoic would outperform even Mediavine – this is especially true if one can manage to secure Ezoic Premium membership.

Not only does Ezoic offer better results than other ad networks but they also facilitate easy transitioning between different platforms. There’s no need to wait around for a long notice period; you can switch over whenever desired with no disruption in service or revenue generation. Moreover, since their results have proven to surpass those of Adthrive, you'll have a higher likelihood of maximizing your earnings when opting for Ezoic as opposed to other ad network options. Furthermore, upgrading to Premium status provides an even greater level of optimization potential with increased access to features like automatic ad optimization and personalized machine learning algorithms that further enhances overall CTR rates.

What’s the average RPM of Ezoic and is it better than Adthrive?

Ezoic vs Adthrive

At Ezoic, the RPM (revenue per mille, or thousand impressions) a website can expect to generate is incredibly varied depending on the niche, type of content, and length. Typically, we've seen sites in non-western countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany yield an RPM ranging from $8 to $20. However for highly targeted niches such as finance or banking related websites, an RPM as high as $30 – $40 is not uncommon. 

In comparison to Adthrive, our clients have often reported higher RPM's when using Ezoic's technology. To demonstrate this point further, we recently conducted a case study that showed Ezoic yielded higher RPMs than Adthrive across multiple sites and markets. 

Is Ezoic Premium Worth It?

Without a doubt, Ezoic is an appealing ad network, not only because of the data-analytics it provides but also because of its Premium feature, which can be a serious CPM booster. With Ezoic Premium, you can maximize your profits and get the most out of your website. However, if you are planning to sell your website in the near future it might not be worth renewing or getting into the Ezoic premium contract since you'd have to pay to get out of it when selling. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for long-term profitability and value then Ezoic Premium is definitely worth considering as it will provide reliable financial returns for months or years to come. At Ezoic we understand that many people need certain assurances when investing in our services. That's why we offer dedicated customer support and resources for those who want additional help or advice about how to make their websites more profitable. We also provide detailed reports so that you can track progress and see where improvements can be made in order to achieve even greater results with our platform.

Which Platform Is Right for You?

Ezoic vs Adthrive

In the battle of Ezoic versus Adthrive, it truly depends on what features you are looking for in an ad optimization platform. Ezoic offers a wide range of features and excellent customer support, making them a great choice for those who want comprehensive functionality. On the other hand, if you’re seeking more advanced features like custom ad placements and “smart pricing” then Adthrive is the better option for that. 

Ezoic boasts an array of features including A/B testing capabilities, intelligent machine learning algorithms that can customize user experiences, and dynamic serving to ensure ads are served as quickly as possible. They also offer multiple monetization options and provide detailed analytics so publishers can track their performance. In addition to their wide range of features, they have excellent customer service with quick response times whenever help is needed. 

On the contrary, Adthrive offers more specialized functionality such as advanced custom ad placements, smart pricing systems that can optimize your ad revenues across different platforms, and extensive reporting tools with granular insights into your performance metrics. Additionally, they have recently released new AI technology which helps publishers optimize their ads even further. 

Ultimately, both platforms offer various levels of services to help you optimize your online advertisements; however, depending on what specific functions you need from an ad optimization platform will depend on which one best suits your needs – Ezoic or Adthrive. Whichever solution you decide to go with, we wish you all the best in optimizing your ads and increasing your revenue!

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