BingX Vs Binance Comparison: Which Comes Out On Top?

When it comes to selecting a digital trading exchange, traders have an abundance of options at their disposal. BingX and Binance have both emerged as popular choices within the cryptocurrency world, but which one is better suited to meet the needs of your own financial portfolio?

BingX has established itself as a reliable platform for derivatives trading in the Asian market. Its security and speed make it a desirable platform for traders looking to invest in digital assets. On the other hand, Binance is also a global powerhouse in cryptocurrency trading, which has been heavily advertised by media outlets worldwide. It offers users an easy-to-navigate platform with a wide array of features, making it attractive to all types of investors.

In terms of what matters most to traders – the quality of the exchange, fees, liquidity and customer service – both BingX and Binance score well. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual user's needs and preferences when deciding between these two exchanges. Traders should take into account their personal goals, risk tolerance level, and experience before making a decision on which one to use. By evaluating their options in a thorough and thoughtful manner, investors can ensure they are making the most of their investments.

Overview of the two exchanges

Official Website
Found in20182017
Native TokenNoneBNB
Listed CryptocurrencyBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, LINK & 10 others100+
Trading Pairs30+100+
Supported Cryptos309446
Minimum Deposit1 USDT/ 0.01ETH/ 0.0002BTCNone
Transaction Fees0.075%0.1%
Withdrawal Fees0.0005 BTCWithdrawal fees are dynamic
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, and Submit Complaint SupportOnline Support Form

BingX Vs Binance: Compliance & Regulation

BingX, a cryptocurrency exchange registered under the Republic of Estonia, has acquired licenses from the Financial Supervision Authority AUSTRAC and FinCen’s Money Services Business. However, it is important to note that having these certifications does not guarantee legitimacy or endorsement for the platform. Therefore, it is imperative that retail traders conduct their own research and due diligence before utilizing BingX.

Binance is regulated by three other international bodies: the Lithuanian Securities Commission (Lithuania), the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (Canada), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (Australia). 

BingX Vs Binance: Reliability & Security

Binance has a B+ security rating from Mozilla system administrators and security professionals, which is far above average when compared to other crypto companies’ exchanges. It routinely tests its security score in order to ensure that its users’ funds are safe and protected from any malicious attacks. Despite countless hacking attempts, Binance is well-prepared to protect its users’ money. To ensure their safety, Binance will even temporarily suspend service if necessary.

BingX vs. Binance

In contrast, BingX has established a long record of security and stability since it began operating in 2019. According to the BingX review, there are no signs of any security breaches. With leading market depth from multiple liquidity providers, BingX can offer a smooth experience even during extreme market conditions.

Overall, Binance is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges available, offering superior security measures to protect its users’ funds. BingX is also a secure option, with a long track record of stability and protection for its customers. Both of these exchanges are excellent options for those wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and confidently.

BingX vs. Binance

BingX Vs Binance: Key Features


Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world due to its numerous features that make trading on the platform easier and more convenient. From a comprehensive selection of eWallets to mobile trading, Binance has covered all the bases when it comes to providing users with an ideal trading environment. 

One of the main features of Binance is its selection of eWallets. With a range of leading eWallet apps available, traders have the option to store their wealth in either fiat or cryptocurrencies as well as earn interest from long-term deposits. Additionally, Binance has its own official and decentralized wallet known as the Trust Wallet

Binance also offers mobile trading which is compatible with most hand-held mobile platforms and devices. Users can download the Binance app from either Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS. For other mobile platforms, users can download the APK file version of Binance. 

BingX vs. Binance

In addition to its range of eWallets and mobile trading options, Binance also provides its users with different types of trading accounts. These range from basic and advanced to margin, P2P and OTC trading accounts – suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. In addition, users can access a large library of research articles which will help them navigate the Binance platform for easier trading. 

Finally, Binance also offers analytical charts which are powered by Trading View and can provide traders with real-time market analysis. These tools help users to identify the best trading opportunities quickly and easily, allowing them to make informed investments. 

BingX vs. Binance


The success of BingX, an innovative derivatives platform, is largely due to its comprehensive selection of features. It provides perpetual contract trading and both isolated and cross-margin solutions for digital asset and financial instrument traders around the world. This includes FOREX, global indices, commodities, and more. Here are five key benefits users stand to gain from BingX:

Instant Trading: BingX enables traders to instantly exchange one cryptocurrency for another with a few clicks, without having to transfer their funds to the spot exchange. Supported currencies include BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT.

Advanced Platform: The platform is designed with both mobile users and desktop users in mind and provides access to TradingView charts with multiple charting tools, overlays, and indicators.

Demo Mode for Trading Practice: To get new traders familiar with the exchange, BingX has created virtual-based coins called VSD tokens that can be used to practice trading cryptocurrency with no actual deposits required. 

Copy Successful Traders: BingX provides traders with the ability to follow and copy successful traders’ strategies, providing them with 8% of the profits generated from these copy-trades. 

BingX vs. Binance

Traditional Market Access: Retail traders can use USDT as their standard collateral asset to speculate on a variety of markets such as commodities, forex, and indices with up to 100x leverage. 

BingX Vs Binance: Services and Products


  • Basic Trading

Binance's basic trading platform is incredibly simple to understand and use. The main view of the Binance exchange displays all pertinent information on a single page, with prices situated in the left panel, graphs in the middle and details about what to buy or sell, as well as a look into the market's history, on the right side. Even users unfamiliar with trading can quickly become acquainted with the Binance platform and start trading without difficulty. 

  • Advance Trading

Advanced trading on Binance entails a much greater amount of information processing than the basic version. This includes trade history, market developments, upcoming events, and other technical indicators that make up the charts. The buy and sell boxes on this page are constantly updated based on these factors to keep traders abreast of the latest changes. 

Binance has released a revolutionary lending product designed to provide users with the opportunity to effortlessly earn impressive interest rates on their cryptocurrency holdings. Just 14 days of locking in BNB, BTC or USDT-tokens can result in an attractive financial return – offering significant benefits for all investors from experienced traders to new crypto enthusiasts.

  • Futures Trading

Binance has made a huge expansion to its trading portfolio by introducing futures and options trading. With this offering, traders have the opportunity to purchase an options contract that allows them to choose whether they want to buy or sell a certain financial asset at a predetermined price point. 

BingX vs. Binance

Through Binance, users can access American and European option contracts with varying expiration dates. These contracts can be found in Perpetual Binance Futures and Quarterly Binance Futures, offering a range of options for traders to choose from. 


  • Trading Products

Using this platform, users are able to trade BTC-based contracts using Bitcoin, ETH-based contracts using Ethereum, as well as USDT-based contracts for both BTC and ETH. Moreover, BingX provides an additional Forex market with seven different contracts tied to favored foreign exchange crypto trading pairs. On top of this, it also enables investors to speculate on eight different indices such as S& P 500, Nikkei 225, NASDAQ-100 and DJIA.

Additionally, users can track the prices of commodities such as crude oil, silver and gold according to their preference. All these non-crypto contracts available on BingX must be settled in USDT – a stablecoin which provides trustless and reliable transactions. With its range of features and options available, BingX provides a great opportunity for traders to access the wide array of assets offered by the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Copy Trading

BingX offers an incredibly useful copy trading feature that makes it easier for traders to observe successful investors and mimic their strategies. This feature is based on a number of important criteria, such as the level of expertise, number of followers, and profit rate of each trader. 

BingX vs. Binance

The platform provides users with full statistics of any trader, including their latest trades. Additionally, users can set a maximum limit and daily trading amount to prevent potential losses. Furthermore, copy trading with BingX is even more accessible as it also supports the demo currency VST. However, care needs to be taken when engaging in Copy Trading so as not to incur heavy losses.

  • Demo Trading

BingX provides a demo trading currency known as VST, an ideal tool to support demo trades. After signing up, users are granted 100,000 VST which is equivalent to 1 dollar. This virtual currency can be used to try out the variety of contracts that BingX offers. 

BingX vs. Binance

To begin their simulated trading adventures, users have to enter their VST amount when accessing the trade page. With VST, users can get a feel for how trades are made and refine their strategies until they're ready to take on real-life contracts.

BingX Vs Binance: Fees

Trading feesFlat trading fee: 0.10%
Futures trading fee: depends on the specifications, price changes, and the VIP level of the user
Derivatives trading fee: 0.075%
Additional spread fee: 0.02% to 0.1% (on BTC)
Withdrawal fees0.0004 BTC on BTC withdrawalsETH and BTC: 0.007ETH and 0.0005BTC
Stable coins: $28 per transaction


Overall, with eWallets, mobile trading capabilities, different account types and analytical tools, Binance offers traders a great platform to get involved in the dynamic and growing cryptocurrency market.  Moreover, features such as instant trading, advanced platform design, demo mode for practice and copy successful traders provide users with enhanced liquidity and low transaction costs.

In contrast, the BingX exchange offers a comprehensive selection of features that make it an ideal choice for digital asset investors. Its instantaneous trading feature helps to facilitate fast execution of trades and its sophisticated platform design provides a great user experience. Additionally, the copy successful traders feature allows users to get an edge over other traders in the market by mimicking experienced investors' strategies. Furthermore, access to traditional markets through BingX offer users more options to diversify their portfolios with leveraged financial instruments. All these features combined make BingX an ideal choice for cryptocurrency traders at all levels of experience.

BingX vs Binance is a popular debate among traders. Both platforms have their own advantages, with BingX providing a safe, secure and fast platform for derivatives trading, while Binance is a more established name in the industry thanks to its global presence. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual trader; they need to look at their own requirements before making a decision on which platform to use.

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