Best Software Affiliate Programs: All You Need To Know To Get Started

The software industry has undergone a massive transformation since its inception four decades ago, and it is no exaggeration to say that it has revolutionized our lives in unprecedented ways. 

It has also made some of the wealthiest people on the planet, with many software products and services providing a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers to make big commissions. 

At first glance, however, the software niche may not seem very appealing and therefore many affiliates overlook it. That would be a huge mistake because there are plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers to make money from this sector. To illustrate this point, we have compiled a list of some of the best software affiliate programs across various niches. 

best Software Affiliate Programs

But firstly, let’s have an overview of an affiliate program in general. 

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an advantageous partnership between two entities where one business rewards the other for sending customers, website visitors, or sales their way. This mutually beneficial relationship can be established in various ways, such as through web content, social media platforms, or even a product integration. 

The affiliate typically earns a commission for their part in driving traffic and/or sales to the first business's website. Both parties benefit from this arrangement since the affiliate company receives payment for promoting another business's goods or services and the original company gains access to more customers or clients than they could have otherwise reached on their own.

How do affiliates make money?

best Software Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way for businesses to increase their revenue streams, as well as gain exposure. By offering an affiliate link to potential customers, businesses are able to track the leads and purchases that come from clicks on the link. This is typically done through the use of cookies which store information about the user’s online activity over a specific period of time known as the “cookie life” or “length”. If a user visits a business's website via an affiliate link and makes a purchase within that allotted amount of time, the affiliate will receive a commission for their efforts. 

When it comes to launching your own affiliate program there are many types available, depending on what type of business you have. For example, some affiliate programs involve paying affiliates on per-click basis while others involve rewarding them with commission based on sales they help generate. Depending on what type of program you choose, there may be other factors that need to be taken into consideration such as tracking methods, payment terms and more. It’s important to do research and find out which program is best suited for your business model before setting up your own affiliate program. 

In addition to researching different types of programs that are available, it’s also important to determine how long you want your cookie life to be when setting up an affiliate program. While 30 days is generally considered standard within the industry, some businesses may decide they want their cookie life set at 45 days or even 90 days in order to ensure they get credit for any sales generated from an affiliate's link during that time frame. Additionally, some businesses may opt for recurring payments so they can continue rewarding their affiliates even after the initial cookie life has expired.

Types of Affiliate Programs

When it comes to promoting products or services, there are numerous affiliate programs available for consideration. It is important to keep in mind which platforms your audience spends the most time on when selecting one. For example, does your buyer persona typically read blog posts, browse Facebook, or use search engines for product research? Or are they looking for a discount link on a coupon site? Possibly, they prefer to do a ton of research before making a decision and would appreciate promotions being featured on review sites? 

best Software Affiliate Programs

In general, there are various types of affiliate programs that can be utilized in marketing efforts. This could include referral programs where new users are rewarded after signing up with an account or invite codes that provide rewards once redeemed. You may also consider cashback schemes which give customers money back when they make purchases. Other scenarios may include content-based affiliate programs where websites and blogs feature promotional material linking back to the sponsor's site and pay based upon the amount of traffic driven by the article or ad campaign. Lastly, incentive-based programs offer rewards such as gift cards or discounts when customers make qualified purchases. 

By taking into account your audience's habits and applying appropriate methods according to their preferences, you can maximize your promotional efforts while also increasing customer satisfaction. Knowing which affiliate program suits your needs best is key in developing successful campaigns and achieving desired outcomes.

Search Affiliates

best Software Affiliate Programs

Marketers who have an SEO background and want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) can benefit greatly from using this program. It lets them use their own funds to promote affiliate offers in search engine results and other advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads. This is a great way for marketers to conduct A/B testing in order to determine which ads generate the most referrals and bring in the most profit. Not only will they be able to track their results more closely, but they can also make informed decisions based on the data, leading to even greater ROI over time.

Influencer Programs

If you’re a blogger or social media influencer who regularly engages with an audience of food fanatics, you may want to consider partnering with a company that sells kitchen appliances and accessories. By promoting their products in your content, such as recipes or cooking tutorials, you can benefit from commissions on any sales generated through affiliate links. This could be a great way to boost your revenue if your followers find the items appealing.

best Software Affiliate Programs

When it comes to selecting the right company to partner with, look for one that offers quality products at competitive prices. Additionally, make sure that their customer service policies are clear and easy to understand. It is also important to check the commission rates on offer so you know how much money you'll receive for each sale. Once you’ve found the perfect partner, start implementing their products into your content in fun and interesting ways that will resonate with viewers. You may even wish to do giveaways or special discounts for your viewers which can lead to even more sales and higher commissions!

Review Sites

Online shopping without being able to inspect the product first can be intimidating for consumers, which is why they often use review websites when doing their research before making a purchase. These review sites collaborate with individual companies or affiliate networks to evaluate and describe products and services in exchange for including an affiliate link in their reviews. This allows them to benefit from any sales made through that link, while also giving customers an extra reassurance before they buy. 

best Software Affiliate Programs

Additionally, the reviews provide information on quality, cost-effectiveness, customer service and other factors that allow buyers to make informed decisions about products or services prior to purchasing them. Reviews are therefore helpful not only for increasing sales but also for providing customers with more confidence in the products they buy online.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are an excellent way to save money while shopping online. By partnering with various companies, they are able to offer shoppers discounts on products and services that they wouldn't otherwise be able to find. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows the company to increase their sales while providing buyers with substantial savings. 

Many coupon sites provide a wide range of discounts, ranging from free shipping on orders to percentage-based discounts that can save you up to 50% or more off of your purchase. Additionally, some retailers also offer exclusive coupons for loyal customers as a reward for their continued patronage. With prices rising on many items, taking advantage of these offers can help keep your budget in check without sacrificing quality or selection.

Email Marketing

best Software Affiliate Programs

For those in the marketing industry, partnering with a company that specializes in design tools can be a great way to help their clients create more refined content while reaping financial benefits. Through the use of affiliate links or promotions within emails sent to design clients, a business can take advantage of the potential income generated by this type of service. 

When creating these types of campaigns, however, it's important to exercise caution and not send out bulk emails indiscriminately. Companies should make sure they are targeting an audience that is interested in their promoted products or services. This could involve segmenting users based on their interests and browsing habits to ensure maximum engagement with the email's content. Additionally, businesses should consider personalizing emails for each recipient by including their name or other details relevant to them. 

Best Software Affiliate Programs

best Software Affiliate Programs

Software products and services have become so ubiquitous today that we can barely conceive of life without them – they have facilitated communication, allowed us to work remotely, enhanced home security systems, enabled us to conduct financial transactions securely, provided entertainment through gaming consoles and more. From web hosting solutions to cloud storage technology and e-commerce tools, software helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by allowing them to reach wider audiences and scale up quickly. 

For affiliates looking to monetize in this sector, there’s no shortage of options – from antivirus solutions to mobile device management platforms; from content management systems to customer relationship management tools; from development frameworks to data analytics offerings – all offering an array of commission structures and payment models for successful affiliates. 

With such a wide range of software products available today, affiliates who understand the needs of their audience can create targeted campaigns that offer real value while generating solid returns on investment. As with any other niche though, research is key – researching competitors’ offers as well as understanding your target audience will help you devise an effective strategy for success in this lucrative market sector.


best Software Affiliate Programs

Norton is a highly esteemed name in the world of computer security and is known for its over three decades of experience in this field. It all started with Norton Utilities way back in 1982, which was then acquired by Symantec Corporation a decade later. Subsequently, Norton launched its first antivirus product in 1991 and that marked a new chapter in the company's history. 

In recent years, Norton has made some impressive strides forward with the acquisition of LifeLock and their commitment to providing top-notch security solutions across multiple platforms. Security solutions that not only protect users against malicious programs but also help them take control of their digital identities. With Norton's affiliate program, partners can get a 20% commission on any software sold or $20 on LifeLock subscriptions, making it one of the most lucrative affiliate programs out there. 


McAfee has been at the forefront of providing computer security solutions for over four decades, and is today a trusted name in antivirus software with more than 5 million customers worldwide. Their Total Protection suite of products offer a comprehensive set of security features at an affordable price, allowing people to protect their devices without breaking the bank. Their VPN service also provides an additional layer of protection and privacy to give users peace of mind when browsing online. Their cookie duration of 45 days ensures even more savings on your purchase. 
 In addition, McAfee offers various payment methods such as check, direct deposit, or Payoneer to make purchasing these products even more convenient. With its years of experience and world-renowned antivirus software, McAfee has become a dependable choice for those looking for quality protection from viruses and hackers.


Crexi, a real estate intelligence platform, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an online marketplace for commercial real estate listings. An invaluable tool for commercial real estate agents, Crexi provides the tools necessary to run their business and ultimately boost their success. As a result, affiliate programs that are associated with Crexi tend to pay more than most. In fact, Crexi offers a flat rate of $50 per referral – making it one of the highest paying affiliate programs available today.

It's easy to see why so many agents are eager to take advantage of this program and its benefits. Utilizing the Crexi platform allows agents to access powerful real estate data, analytic insights and market trends in order to make informed decisions about their investments and transactions. Professional networking is also made simpler through the site's connections with other industry professionals and potential clients. Furthermore, resources like marketing materials and listing tools enable agents to quickly create professional presentations or publish critical updates on existing listings with ease – all while helping drive more value for their clients.


By recognizing the unique challenges of raising kids in a digital age, Qustodio provides parents with an extra layer of security and comfort. This free parental control app helps keep children safe online by giving guardians access to monitor their internet activity so they can rest assured knowing everything is under control.

The app is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, and is run by Awin. This program has a 20% commission rate for affiliates, an impressive approval rate, and a 9% conversion rate – making it an ideal choice for new affiliate marketers. Qustodio helps to ensure that children stay safe online when their parents are not around, providing reassurance in an otherwise unsafe online environment.


best Software Affiliate Programs

NordVPN is the perfect solution for anyone looking to securely protect their data and browsing activity in this digital age. With 5,700 servers located in 59 countries, as well as multiple device support, they are one of the leading virtual private networks out there. Furthermore, their pricing plans offer great value for money, with monthly plans starting from just $3.10 per month. 

To top it off, the NordVPN Affiliate Program is one of the most generous out there with up to 100% commission for monthly plans and 40% for annual plans available. With NordVPN, you can rest assured that your data will stay safe and secure!

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is an industry-leading virtual private network provider with a reputation for providing top-level security, privacy, and anonymity. Founded in 2009, this highly popular VPN quickly rose to the top of the ranks due to its comprehensive features and high levels of encryption. From its massive 7,000+ positive reviews online, it is clear that ExpressVPN has earned its place among the most trusted VPNs of today. 

Though its services come at a higher price than some of its competitors, it is worth the cost as no one can put a price on safety and privacy. The company also offers generous commissions – up to $36 per sale – making it an ideal choice for affiliate marketers looking to get paid while offering their audience top-notch security. In addition to this, customers also benefit from a 90 day cookie duration and various payment methods, including PayPal. With all these features combined, it’s no wonder that ExpressVPN has established itself as one of the leading VPNs in the industry.


Smile Software offers an incredibly useful tool for Mac users: Text Expander. This powerful program allows you to insert pre-composed snippets of text into your documents with a single keystroke, saving time and effort. It's a great productivity booster! 

For any business with a customer base that requires regular support, Smile’s TextExpander is the perfect solution; it offers more features than its competitors and makes life easier for all sides involved. 

In addition, those interested in promoting Smile are rewarded handsomely with a 20% commission rate and cookie duration of up to 45 days. Payment methods include check, direct deposit, and Payoneer, while their products span productivity tools.


AYOA is a powerful solution for professionals and businesses alike to capture their best ideas as they arise. Combining mind mapping, whiteboard, and task management technology in one streamlined platform, multiple users can collaborate on projects seamlessly at the same time. All end results are immediately available both online and offline, with access from mobile devices. By using AYOA, organizations can effectively store all their brainstorming sessions in one place and easily share it with the whole of the company. 

For affiliate marketers looking to promote AYOA, there are numerous benefits to be had. Not only will you receive an impressive commission rate of up to 30% on initial sales and 10% on any renewals or upgrades, but you will also have a reliable 60-day cookie duration period for tracking your campaigns. Payments are sent directly either through direct deposit or wire transfer. And finally, AYOA specialises in productivity tools that can help organisations work smarter, faster and better.


best Software Affiliate Programs

Aweber is a well-known autoresponder in the digital marketing industry, with its beginnings dating all the way back to 1998. Its reputation has been built up through years of refinement and development, and many users continue to trust it for their email marketing needs. But is Aweber as good as they say? 

To help you decide, we've put together an in-depth review so you can get a better understanding of the platform. Plus, Aweber also offers an affiliate program where you can earn 30% of what your referral spends each month – giving you a great opportunity to make money while helping others. Recurring commission is something we always appreciate here at Aweber, and we're sure you'll love it too!


Voluum is a powerful and comprehensive affiliate tracking solution that provides users with the ability to optimize their digital marketing campaigns in real-time and with ease. Users can take advantage of its Automizer feature to streamline their entire paid advertising process, giving them more time to focus on their online business strategy. With Voluum, users can track the performance of their campaigns across multiple traffic sources and make informed decisions based on the live data available. 

This program is becoming increasingly popular among affiliate networks, due to its unique features that go beyond just basic tracking. It enables users to easily monitor their PPC campaigns without any delays for reports to arrive. This gives users an edge when it comes to optimizing their campaigns for higher ROI. 

As an added bonus, Voluum also offers a generous 20% commission rate on all its products and services, as well as a 30-day cookie duration for its affiliates. Payments are made via direct deposit or PayPal, making it convenient for both parties involved. All in all, Voluum is an excellent choice for affiliates looking for a reliable tracking solution that will help them monetize their efforts with maximum efficiency. 

IRidium Mobile

iRidium is a powerful software platform created for professional integrators of intelligent building systems. It allows each device in a home or commercial automation system to communicate with one another, providing enhanced control and convenience. From comfortable home cinema set-ups to full office building access control, iRidium makes it possible to revolutionize the way you manage your space. 

With little competition in the realm of affiliate programs and an average commission of €322.44, it's worth looking into. You'll need to create an account with Avangate (2Checkout) to promote this offer, but the benefits make it worth your time and effort. Start making a difference today!


Autodesk is a world-renowned software developer, best known for its powerful, industry-grade 3D modelling programs like AutoCAD, Maya, Revit and 3ds Max. These advanced programs are widely used in the engineering and manufacturing business to bring ideas to life with incredible accuracy and detail. As an affiliate, you can take advantage of their high prices, earning up to 9% commission for each sale you make. For example, a product worth $1,690 can earn you a lucrative $152.10 in commission!  So why not join the Autodesk team and help bring sophisticated creations to life?

My Choice Software

best Software Affiliate Programs

My Choice Software is a great choice for any small business that needs to purchase volume licenses or other software products from Microsoft, Nuance, Corel and others. Not only can they provide you with the common essential tools such as antivirus software, but they also offer a wide array of additional services ranging from furniture to printers. This affiliate program is an ideal solution if you have been declined for the Microsoft affiliate program as it pays up to 8% commission per sale and has an average order value of $387 – which could translate into approximately $15 for each referral made. 

Moreover, My Choice Software provides extra support and resources to help ensure that your investments are worthwhile in the long run. With their extensive collection of products and services across many different categories, it's no wonder that so many small businesses turn to them for all their software needs.


best Software Affiliate Programs

If you're looking to monetize your website, Adobe is here to help! Their Creative Cloud subscription offers photographers and videographers a chance to access powerful image and video manipulation tools. As an affiliate, you can earn incredible commissions of up to 85% from the cost of monthly subscriptions or 8.33% for annual ones – so don't wait any longer – sign up today and start gaining rewards immediately.


best Software Affiliate Programs

QuickBooks: the ultimate combination of convenience and income opportunities! Say goodbye to tedious business account management – QuickBooks Online offers an incredibly affordable flat rate fee starting at just a dollar per month, so you can save time without breaking the bank. Even better – by referring customers via their powerful lead program or any other online sales activity, you have potential to earn up to $50 or even more with 7% commission rates on each sale. Don't miss out this incredible chance for easier managing AND extra cash in your pocket!

Beautiful AI

Creating an engaging presentation can be a daunting task for many people, especially when it comes to designing the deck. simplifies this process by leveraging the power of AI to automatically craft presentations that follow principles of effective design. Through the use of its smart templates, users can quickly and easily create stunning and professional-looking presentations without the need for extensive knowledge or experience in graphic design. is different from other open-source and freeware presentation software solutions on the market as it takes away a lot of guesswork from crafting perfect slideshows with great visuals and accessibility. By relying on AI, provides users with maximum flexibility to focus on content instead of worrying about design elements such as font size and placement of images. 

For those who value convenience and quality in their presentations, promoting could be an attractive option to generate passive income through affiliate marketing efforts  – 15% commission per sale with a 45 day cookie duration – offered through payment methods such as PayPal or Direct Deposit. This unique presentation software gives users peace of mind that their slideshows will look impressive every time!

Tech Smith

best Software Affiliate Programs

Create your success story with TechSmith! Their award-winning solutions, SnagIt and Camtasia, are the go-to tools of choice for thousands who need to record or capture their screen. YouTube tutorial creators love utilizing these powerful programs – they make complicated tutorials look like a work of art in no time flat. And as an affiliate you can join them by taking advantage of their generous 15% commission when successful referrals occur. What's more? You get started immediately because both products offer free trials.


best Software Affiliate Programs

Managing dozens of different passwords for web sites and services can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. Dashlane makes remembering all those passwords simple, so users never have to worry about clicking on a ‘Forgot password’ link again.

Dashlane's affiliate program is one of the best out there – they offer a flat rate of $2 for every new account created and 25% in affiliate commissions on any paid subscriptions. With this program, you have the potential to make some serious money by simply referring people to the service. So why not get started today? Dashlane is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their passwords secure and organized.


best Software Affiliate Programs

Don't lose hope when your data disappears – Stellar has a specialized software solution to help you get it back! With their photo and video recovery tool, as well as their ability to retrieve corrupted email inboxes, users can rest assured that memories lost won't be gone forever. Plus, they offer generous commission rates of up 20%, increasing all the way up to 25% for large referrals who contribute monthly over $6k in business fees.


Planable is revolutionizing the way marketing agencies manage their clients' social media content. This powerful tool allows users to quickly and effectively get feedback on planned posts, saving up to six times more time than before due its efficiency. Used by some of the most established global companies like Social Chain, Fat Media and Tribal Worldwide, Planable offers a free trial version for those who want to give it a try first! There's also an enterprise-level option for larger organizations that comes with custom pricing. Plus – you can earn 20% commission off active subscriptions within your first 6 months as an added bonus.

Both Avangate and OneNetwork Direct offer powerful solutions for software affiliates. With comprehensive tracking systems, real-time reporting capabilities, and a variety of programs to promote – these two leading networks provide the perfect platform to expand your business reach.

best Software Affiliate Programs

Additionally, these affiliate networks also offer a wide range of promotional materials and resources to help affiliates maximize their earning potential. With these two software affiliate networks, you can confidently take advantage of the lucrative opportunity that comes with promoting software products online.

best Software Affiliate Programs

It’s up to you to choose!

And that concludes our detailed overview of the most rewarding software affiliate programs available today. Whether you have a specific niche or not, there is sure to be something here that suits your needs and requirements perfectly. 

The world of software affiliate programs is an incredibly diverse and exciting one, offering a variety of opportunities to make money. Whether you have a particular niche or not, these affiliate networks provide the resources and tools necessary to start monetizing your work. To get started, consider joining us for our free training session on affiliate marketing where you'll learn all the steps needed to get you up and running quickly. No purchases or sales pitches required – just actionable information that can be used straight away! With the right knowledge, you'll be making money in no time.

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