High-quality Content Marketing Packages for your Authority sites

We aim beyond what customers need for their sites.

Let us - ASMContent helps you handle all the boring jobs such as recruiting writers, check and publish posts,...


Professional System: Specialized teams focusing on outlining, writing, formatting and checking carefully before reaching out to customers.

The ASM Standard: Guarantee UNIQUE articles, high-quality content and impressive format.

100% Native Writers: Writers are people who are passionate in their customers' industries/niches.


ASMContent will always keep the deadline safe and satisfy all customers' needs.
Posts will be scheduled 1-3 days after starting from the time the order is received.


Consulting: When your keywords don't work, or not being effective for the post, we will give out other optimized choices based on the most updated content marketing knowledge.

24/7: All of our customers will only have to wait for maximum 1-hour till they get their responses.

This is our Process

Handle Effectively Customers' Problems

What the customers are struggling with:

1. Don't know how to make attractive formatting.
2. The writings are not SEO-optimized, unable to reach top Google searches.
3. Don't know how to search for keywords effectively.
4. Tired of recruiting writers, after a while writers start to leave.
5. Difficulty in checking and fixing writers' articles.

Meet Our Team Components



Satisfy even the most meticulous customers, bearing high responsibility for assigned works, always aim beyond customers' expectations.


Have 3-5 years of experience in UI design, pay great attention to details and always yearn for knowledge improvement after each project.


Our Posters always satisfy the customers with nicely, neatly done formatting, along with impressively attractive effects in each post.


We supervise carefully in the recruitment process, from the attitude to working skills. Give frequent trains to writers for continuous development.


Effectively assist customers in finding the right keyword (volume>200), (Difficulty Score<35) and easily ranked top on Google.


We are about Driving Result

We become picky when it comes to making products.

No matter how much time, efforts, or other elements that are put into the progress, what we focus on is the outcome. We are, and will try our best to bring the finest products and services to our customers!

Our Customers:

- Authority Site Owners: Aiming for any site owners yearning for high-qual.

- Perfectionist: All things must be quality-driven and that quality must be GREAT!

- Tight-Scheduler: Busy people who want their sites to be well taken care of.

Start From Today! Choose your Package:


Logo (high-quality (vector if possible) files). Maximum 3 turns of correcting

Example usable stocks

Color Palette (hex, rgb, cmyk,…)

Brand Pattern (that fits site niche)

Brand Font (with instruction)


30/ Digital Branding


Content research + Outline

100% native English writer

Check and ensure the uniqueness and correctness

Format with subscribed Images

Emphasize with impressive effects

Layout Homepage

Well-designed feature images


45/ 1000 word-post


Content Research + Outline

100% native English writer

Check/edit and correct the errors

Optimize layout for posters

Check and report all product links status


35-42/ 1000 word-post

The Guarantee from Our Service

ASMContent Team always try the best and put the customers' interest top of priorities. We hope that our customers will experience satisfactory while using our service!

Your accomplishment is a Success for Us!