Build Your Dream Life of Freedom and Successful Online Business With Passive Income From MMO Affiliate Even If You Don't Have Much Experience

Chi Khanh

ASM Bootcamp is a high-end training program for both Vietnamese and international friends to become “SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE MILLIONAIREs”.

When joining the ASM Bootcamp community, what will you get?

  • Valuable knowledge that we have learned over the course of more than 7 years of MMO, from successful projects
  • Dedicated guidance, tailored success processes, valuable resources
  • Infrastructure system, powerful toolset specifically for ASM
  • Ecosystem with many valuable opportunities

ASM confidently contributes to the development of individuals and business careers. We always strive to collaborate in building a strong and flexible ASM Network ecosystem.



If you have invested a lot of money in other courses in the past but with no results. Why?
Chi has personally attended numerous courses and deeply understands these struggles!

Pain Point #1

Lack of Mentorship - Coaching - Training

Are you stepping into the challenging journey of personal growth and success? Are you ready to embark on the journey of turning dreams into reality?


Or have you tried but failed, and don't know why? Is the road going round and round not bringing you to what you want?


Don't be discouraged! 


The path to success requires not just a guiding hand but the unified support of all three: Mentor, Coach, and Trainer.


Pain Point #2

Lack of Resources to Get Started

Receiving instructions on how to do it is not enough! Resource is an important factor contributing to your success.


Any new journey at the beginning can be strange and challenging, it took me the first 4-5 months to get used to Affiliate Marketing!

Pain Point #3

Lack of Ecosystem

The lack of an ecosystem will be a major obstacle to your success. This is the place for you to apply your knowledge and receive diverse opportunities to maximize your income.


An ecosystem will have many different support services: tools, resources, services and people.

If you have never participated in a community before and have been self-learning on the internet without any results…

Lack of Skills and Knowledge

All you know thanks to free accumulated knowledge, collected sporadically, without structure or roadmap, unprofessional?


This will make you even more confused and disoriented!


And it's not enough to just compete and create superior value compared to others.

Lack of Leadership Team

A leader doesn't just act as your guide when you first start out. They are also like a compass that guides you in the right direction, not getting lost, avoiding mistakes, saving time and money.


Especially when you're just starting out, having a leader can act as a compass, guiding you in the right direction, saving you time and helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Lack of Planning and Strategy

Without a specific plan and strategy, you may wander aimlessly and waste time on unproductive activities.


A vicious cycle with no way out will gradually kill your ambition!

With more than 7 years of practical experience, Chi has built a tailored roadmap for each member. The roadmap is given after analyzing your resources and knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate and effective path.

Joining ASM Bootcamp, You Will Get

The Mentor - Coach - Trainer Team for Each Member

Mentor – Sparks your passion, provides guidance, helps you see your goals clearly and take the right path.

Mentor Khanh Chi – guides you on the most suitable path, connects you with support resources and shapes your core mindset throughout the journey. With her extensive experience, she will provide direction and help you get to the root of the problem.

Coach – Closely monitors your every step, helps you develop your skills and closely supports you in achieving your goals.

Our professional coaching team is always ready and side by side with members, seriously implementing, monitoring the process, urging and reminding you to help you progress on the path you have set.

Trainer – Convey knowledge and improve skills, helping you become more stable and confident to move forward.

Our highly trained team consists of experts with in-depth knowledge in their respective fields, actively producing results. Not only do we continuously update and synthesize the most effective current processes, but we also provide instructions on how to implement them effectively for ASM Bootcamp community members.

Providing Infrastructure and Systems for Member Use, Saving at Least 3-6 Months at the Start and Achieving Results Two to Three Times Faster

  • The effective process that the ASM core team is directly applying to generate millions of dollars in income from the Internet
  • The project system has been tested and evaluated, increasing commissions
  • Google Ads advertising account resources
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) website building resources (domain, backlinks, content)
  • A suite set of tools that the team directly codes to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in the market

Providing a Diverse Ecosystem Suitable for Every Member Segment to Have Earning Opportunities

  • If you have little or no capital: You will be trained in skills and develop a strong mindset, easily starting with low capital models.
  • If you have capital but limited time: Invest capital in project opportunities and receive a percentage of commission.
  • If you have both capital and time: Explore different business models guided by ASM Bootcamp. 

Affiliate Success Millionaires Bootcamp

First and foremost, ASM will stand by your side when you need it and forever – always will be. You, ASM, and the ASM Network ecosystem will build a strong and prosperous community. We will simultaneously grow personally and grow our own community even stronger.


You and ASM will go through three journeys together: conquering challenges – implementing – achieving aspirations in career and life.

Personal Development Journey

1. Understanding the Inner Self

  • Key mindsets for overcoming challenges in the journey of making money online (MMO) and in life.
  • 11 topics enlightening the inner self.
  • How to make MMO always enjoyable and fulfilling?
  • Delve deeper into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

2. Maximizing Productivity

  • Cultivating a productivity-focused mindset
  • Guidance on implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to set direction and achieve goals
  • The power of focused effort – concentrating on a single task or specific goal for greater results in a short time
  • Kaizen continuous improvement method
  • Creating a Three Jewels environment (ti-ratana Buddhist)

3. MMO Affiliate Roadmap

  • The shortest path to success
  • The most effective leverage points to accelerate breakthroughs
  • Exploring niches and ways to earn money in MMO
  • Creating an optimized plan based on each student's strengths
  • Applying DISC to choose suitable positions and models.

Entrepreneurial Development Journey

4. Affiliate Project Research

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Exploring affiliate marketing models, commission types, and affiliate product categories.
  • Methods for project discovery
  • Evaluating projects based on criteria
  • Providing unique ASM tools to support research on thousands of projects.

5. Paid Traffic

  • Introduction to Google Ads Overview
  • Setting up ad campaigns
  • Optimizing ad campaigns to save costs significantly
  • Guidance on account resources
  • Management system for a large number of MCCs (My Client Center)
  • The latest updated tips and tricks
  • A toolkit to help ASM community members gain a competitive advantage in the market.

6. Free Traffic

  • Guidance on purchasing the most effective SEO domains currently
  • Learning how to research keywords effectively for top Google rankings
  • Implementing content in various formats
  • The process of off-page and on-page SEO implementation
  • Diversifying potential income streams
  • Buying and selling income-generating websites.

National Development Journey

7. Business Management Skills

  • Understanding the organizational structure and functional roles of each department within a business
  • BSC – Balanced Score Card in business
  • CCSC – Central Control System of Company

8. Business Models

  • Introduction to various business models and collaboration opportunities
  • Introduction to the Agency model
  • Introduction to the Affiliate Network model
  • Introduction to the Lead Funnel model

Summarizing Results and Practicing within the ASM Ecosystem

In the future, you will have 1000% confidence in having a long-term business that not only makes money now but continues to generate income for many years to come! That's not all! You can build a passive income source even at home or wherever you want.

Guide to Creating Thousands of USD Income from the Internet


The opportunity has come! Join ASM Bootcamp now if you are ready to follow the outlined training steps!

And especially, ASM will refund 100% of the tuition fee in the first week if you feel that the program, instruction, or training is not worth your investment!


1. Main goals: ASM Bootcamp accompanies you:

Helps you recover your investment quickly

Equipping you with specialized skills to earn from a few hundred to more than 1000$+ per month

And don't forget, with perseverance and investment time, your income can exceed this number many times!


2. 100% money back guarantee: We will refund 100% if you feel you did not receive the support and guidance we offered.


3. Long-term warranty: Not just limited to one year! ASM Bootcamp is committed to supporting you until you achieve your desired results, even if you need more time to focus or the current market is not favorable.


Dedicated student support team: Review and provide feedback on your real-world projects.


Don't wait any longer, if you are serious about this, and are determined to create passive income from a few hundred to over 1000$+ per month, Register now

Attention !!
Prices will increase after monthly update of new knowledge.
Register today to take advantage of the offer!


Entirely possible! We analyze your current resources and knowledge to design the most suitable training program for you. And, in the past, we also started like you, from zero, we have seen many people struggle and give up on the MMO path. ASM Bootcamp will solve that problem and accompany you!

For time-constrained individuals, we have designed a number of focused and optimized courses to ensure that you can achieve results in the shortest possible time. In addition, there are cooperation programs in the course that allow you to invest little capital but bring the best results.

We understand that changing and developing a person and a career is a long-term journey, not just for a specific period of time. Therefore, the program will begin immediately after you complete the application process and will continuously update with new knowledge, processes, and tools. We have been and will continue to be on this MMO path consistently.

You need a minimum of $500-$1000 and 2 hours per day for regular learning and work to achieve the fastest success.

Certainly! We have many online courses that allow you to study anytime, anywhere. You just need an internet connection and participate according to the registered schedule.

We always aim to serve our students in the best possible way. Please contact us to discuss creating a personalized study schedule that suits you.

Yes, many ASM members have limited English skills but still achieve significant results.

If you have any questions, please message our ASMLink fan page for assistance!