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About Us

Authority Site Master (ASM) is a digital marketing agency with the mission to strive for connecting and creating values for authority sites community. We provide digital marketing services: Link Building, Content Marketing, Website trading. We always try our best to be a helpful companion of the authority sites community.

Our strongest service is Link building. We provide 100% do-follow content backlinks on real blogs, authority sites which have DA higher than 19; no PBNs, no e-commerce sites. A variety of qualified websites are available for customers. Backlinks will never be taken down or changed status to no-follow. 

ASM Affiliate Program

As a webmaster/ blog owner, you must have been receiving many outreach emails asking for guest posts, sponsored links,...etc. daily. Did you turn down a lot of those emails? Have you ever thought of another way to benefit from those requests beside accepting them?

Ignoring or denying outreach emails is actually a big waste. ASM Affiliate Program can maximize the profit of your website by helping you turn all of the unwanted requests you received into new a source of income. You can easily earn commission just by referring our Link Building Service to those reached out to you.

Why Should You Choose Us?

A Unique Way to Monetize Your Website

Sign up now before the market became saturated

Easy and Convenient

Easy sign up

Recommend our service to those who are interested and earn commission

Your Website Stay Healthy

Protect your blogs/ websites from being affected by too many external links or low quality external links

Maximize your profit without any adjustment on your website

Instant Profit

Payments are made weekly

For each customer using your affiliate code to purchase, you will earn 5% commission for the total of their first order


We always keep track and follow closely to ensure your benefits

How It Works


All you need to do is to provide some basic information. Once you’ve been approved for the ASM Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate code.


Instead of ignoring or declining many offers from emails outreach, recommend them to the ASM Link Building Service and give them your affiliate code as a 5% discount code


For each customer using our service with your affiliate code, you can earn 5% referral commission from the total of their first order

Tips From Our Best Affiliate Partners

 Lucas Knight​​​​ 

"I received many emails asking for articles contribution. I accepted some of the articles, but most of the time I denied. I joined ASM affiliate program few months ago and introduced those who asked for articles contribution to the Link Building service. It just cost a little time chatting and the conversion rate is around 30-40%. Not surprising at all. Those who reached out asking for an article contribution or sponsored post/ link are already demanding for links. If you do it right, the return is promising. Make sure you understand the service before you recommend it."

Sofia Johnson

"If you are allowing 'Write for us' or something like that, then recommend the service with your code on your Write For Us page. I did it, not hoping much, but now it's one of my good sources of passive income."

Leroy Simmons

"I do accept sponsored posts and sponsored links. Good source of income, obviously. But those who reached out only want to place their links on my website once. Fair enough. I do know about SEO, and many backlinks from a single domain are kinda useless. I can't get them to place their links on my website again, but I do know that they are looking for other websites to place their links. So I join the aff program and recommend them the ASM service. Did they purchase? Hell yes! Most of them."